Hydrate and oxygenate the skin in spring, take this beauty instrument quickly!

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Hydrate and oxygenate the skin in spring, take this beauty instrument quickly!

Hydrate and oxygenate the skin in spring, take this beauty instrument quickly!

Oxygen is very important to us. At the age of 30, the oxygen content of our skin will decrease by 25%, and at the age of 50, it will drop by more than 50%. You must know that only 1% of the oxygen in the air enters the skin. It is impossible to expect the skin to replenish oxygen by itself. Phenomenon occurs, then it's time to let the hydrating beauty instrument to nourish your skin!

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Moisturizing beauty instrument facial care is an all-round deep cleansing + hydrating + nourishing + oxygen supplement for the skin, which can promote blood circulation, increase oxygen delivery, promote cell metabolism, and inject freshness into the skin. Oxygen, kills anaerobic bacteria, helps the skin excrete waste, reduces excess oil accumulation, and removes mites and acne.

Moisturizing beauty instrument to remove aging skin

When using the hydrating beauty instrument for treatment, the gas-liquid mixture ejected by the system is extremely fast, and it has a stronger function than the previous skin revitalization technology. It can remove the aging cutin on the skin surface and the necrotic tissue on the scar surface. Because the medium used is Oxygen and water are the safest for the human body, so it avoids the negative damage to the skin caused by the previous technology, making the treatment safer.

Moisturizing beauty instrument hydrating, oxygenating and rejuvenating skin

At the same time, the diameter of water and oxygen molecules is smaller than the diameter of pores, and can directly enter the deep layer of the skin through the pores. A large number of pure oxygen molecules enter the blood, which will accelerate the flow of blood and wake up sleeping cells; the skin tissue has obtained sufficient oxygen and water, soft and tender. The incubator of the skin——collagen begins to be produced in large quantities, collagen cells are constantly rearranged, the skin "spring" begins to recover its elasticity, and the "reservoir" re-stores water. Natural, elastic, supple, and fair skin will show its brilliance in the new life.

Moisturizing beauty instrument deep cleansing, anti-inflammatory, acne removal

The hydrating beauty instrument can completely remove the deep dirt in the pores, so that 90% pure oxygen molecules can maximize their bactericidal effect, such as anaerobic propionibacterium acnes and other harmfulIt can also play an anti-inflammatory effect, and has good clinical effects on purifying the metabolic environment of skin tissue and removing acne.

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