Radar Carving Instrument丨Not just the face, this time makes the body younger! -Beijing Zhenhuimei Be

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Radar Carving Instrument丨Not just the face, this time makes the body younger! -Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Radar Carving Instrument丨Not just the face, this time makes the body younger! -Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

You may be happy at work, but skin problems accumulate with age. Compared with the previous self every minute and every second, I want to fight against gravity and get the "secret" to reverse time.
The sagging and aging of the face are usually the most direct concerns of everyone, but the skin of the body is actually the same as the face, and gradually faces the problem of "loosing" with age.
According to the survey, nearly 90% of women suffer from local sagging skin and fat accumulation, mainly manifested as double chins, butterfly sleeves, elephant legs, and big belly. As the age increases, the figure also loses shape, and the body is aging and deformed, which seriously affects the personal image and lacks self-confidence in interpersonal communication.
According to the new oxygen white paper "2018 Chinese Women's Confidence Report", the proportion of high self-confidence in China is only half of that of the American population
Among them, figure" is one of the three main factors affecting the self-confidence of Chinese women, second only to "appearance".
The face is important, but the shape of the body also has to be taken seriously! Everyone can do anti-aging on the face, and the same is true for the skin of the body. As the years grow, collagen is lost, and the degree of sagging is more serious than that of the face. Therefore, anti-aging of the body is equally important.

Radar engraving instrument

Known as the "anti-aging magic knife", the Radar Jingdiao Instrument is your highest anti-aging "artifact". not only has a good anti-aging effect on wrinkles on the face and neck, but also has a good therapeutic effect on other parts of the body.

The treatment probes are divided into categories and perform their duties, and the radio frequency energy is penetrated into the deep layer of the skin, thereby stimulating the production of collagen and tightening and shaping the body!

The body-specific probe "Da Yuxi"--Body tip 16.0 body treatment head is four times larger than the face probe, and it is dedicated to the body area other than the face. It can be used to improve pot belly, butterfly sleeves, firm thighs, abdominal wall shaping, buttock shaping, etc., and can achieve good results.

Therapeutic Principles of Radar Jingdiao Instrument

utilizes the good tissue penetration of mechanical radar waves to accurately transmit 65°C thermal energy to the SMAS of the skin Layer (about 3.5mm~4.5mm) effectively stimulates fibroblasts to divide new cells at a speed of 40 bits per second, dissolves facial fat cells, tightens skin contours, repairs damaged fibrous tissue, stimulates collagen cell regeneration, and quickly achieves a thin face. The effect of firm Q bomb. At the same time, the precise positioning of radar waves can actively identify fat cells, and through the unique handle friction treatment method, it can directly reach the target depth, so that users will not feel pain.

Problems that Radar Jingdiao Instrument can improve
Buttocks shaping: For the buttocks not warped, the radar body probe has the effect of melting fat, burning excess fat, and the firming effect of the special head, which can lift the buttocks and make them firmer.
Butterfly sleeves: Many people have not thick arms, but they have two lumps of fat, so they dare not wear clothes that show their arms.
Loose thigh skin, fat, etc.: Improve excess fat on the inner thighs and tighten loose skin.
Tighten the waist and abdomen: Restore the elasticity of the skin, improve wrinkles and fine lines, and solve the problems of loose and lack of elasticity of the waist and abdomen skin.

Core advantages of Radar Jingdiao Instrument

One treatment -- conquer aging

It vibrates up to 6 million times per second, high-frequency and high-energy energy conduction, and the effect of lifting and shaping is obvious.

Non-invasive -- no side effects

Non-invasive light energy therapy is non-invasive but highly effective without surgery or injection. Smoothes loose skin on the body, lifts and shapes, and sculpts body lines.

Precise positioning -- balanced and comprehensive

The only use of framed medical stickers can precisely position the emission treatment and balance the energy of the wavelengths to prevent omissions and uneven energy. Activate the growth factors in every corner of the skin, stimulate collagen synchronously, and radiate youthful vitality in all aspects of the skin.

Long-acting skin tightening-the effect can be maintained for more than 3 years

One treatment can make the collagen in the deep layer of the skin continue to grow for up to one year, and the peak growth period is within half a year, and the growth ability is greatly stimulated.

Alternating heat and cold -- double-effect consolidation

Equipped with a cooling system to calm the skin. When the heat frequency energy decreases to the lowest point, you can feel the energy injection brought by the temperature to the skin, and you can also feel the cool feeling on the skin surface. It can not only promote its immediate contraction, gradually tighten the skin, but also protect the skin surface without damaging the skin.

Exclusive Probe--Luxury

The prestige of the full-energy quantum ice sculpture is that each treatment uses a unique probe, and each probe will not be reused. The used probe will record personal skin parameters, which is convenient for the beauty salon to establish a personal file and keep it properly as a basis for future treatment.

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