Zhenhuimei professional beauty instrument manufacturer tells you - why it can't whiten?

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Zhenhuimei professional beauty instrument manufacturer tells you - why it can't whiten?

Zhenhuimei professional beauty instrument manufacturer tells you - why it can't whiten?

Our skin color is determined by melanin in our body. The skin also has a defense mechanism. After the melanocytes in the basal layer of the skin are stimulated by ultraviolet rays, they will produce more melanin to avoid ultraviolet damage. The side effect is a gradual darkening of the skin or annoying sun spots. There are many whitening methods in daily life, which can be divided into these categories: moisturizing whitening, physical whitening and biological whitening. If you want to deal with a dull and bad complexion, you must first understand the causes of dull and sallow complexion, and then you can start the big plan of anti-pornography, anti-black, and dullness. Do the basic skills first so that your whitening will not be in vain.

First, jump out of the misunderstanding of whitening, the effect of whitening is not once and for all-the long-term battle of whitening

Whitening products are characterized by improving skin tone, which means that they can even out skin tone and lighten dark spots at the same time. Good whitening skin care products can act from different stages of melanin formation, catabolize or inhibit the formation of melanin, and have the effect of fair complexion. Whitening must be "on protracted war".

Second, sun protection is only needed in summer - fully protect the skin and stay away from ultraviolet rays. The sun is hotter and closer to the earth, which is the time period from 11 to 14 o'clock. The ultraviolet rays are also stronger, because the clouds passing by are thin and there are fewer obstacles. , is also when the radiation is strong; whether it is sunny, cloudy, daytime, night, or indoors and under the shade of trees, there are ultraviolet rays, whether it is refracted from the beach, land, window glass or surrounding objects, there are ultraviolet rays. As for skin damage.

Third, healthy whiteness is the real whiteness - a new definition of whitening, ladies with naturally fair skin do not need to be whitening. Including the ladies themselves don't care much about the whitening work. However, we don’t understand that some women’s skin is very fair, but the color is lighter, which always gives people a morbid sense of lack of vitality. This kind of whiteness is just falling into the misunderstanding of whiteness. Whitening, but to reveal the radiance from the deep layer of the skin, so as to achieve the most healthy and whitening.

Fourth, whitening is only about blemishes—the root of which is melanin, and the formation of spots is fundamentally due to the increase in melanin content in the basal layer of the epidermis. If the skin has already had spots, you should choose products that prevent the spread of melanin. Only in this way can the dark spots be gradually lightened, and the face can be restored to cleanliness. The whitening standard has been upgraded from the original flat white to the current 360° without dead angle, revealing the radiance from the deep layer of the skin.

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In addition, you can consider our professional small bubble beauty instrument;

1. Soothe acne: It is used for acne, seborrheic alopecia, mite removal and deep skin root removal.

2. Improve skin quality: skin whitening, improve skin black, dark yellow, improve skin quality.

3. Deep cleansing: deeply cleans the skin while replenishing moisture to the skin, moisturizing and promoting the metabolism of the skin.

4. Shrink pores: remove blackheads, shrink pores and increase skin transparency, making the skin clearer, more delicate and smooth. Skin Tightening: Skin shaping and firming, shrinking pores and improving double chin.

5. Relief of aging: It is used for preoperative and postoperative care of exfoliative skin reconstruction surgery to relieve aging.

6. Promote metabolism: deeply clean the skin, and at the same time replenish water to the skin, moisturizing and promoting the metabolism rate of the skin. Remove blackheads, improve skin sagging, shrink pores, increase skin transparency; skin whitening, improve skin dullness, dark yellow, and improve skin quality.

7. Wrinkle removal and skin tightening: dilute forehead lines, enhance forehead skin luster; eye corners: improve eye fine lines, micro spots, dryness; face parts: reshape skin plump, watery and bright, shrink pores; neck parts: improve Sagging cheeks, sagging skin, diminished neck lines.

It needs to be created from five aspects: UV protection, skin barrier improvement, skin moisturizing, free radical removal, and exfoliation. Just like the "short board theory", without any of these 5 aspects, you can't achieve the whiteness you want.

So, don't worry about why you can't always be white anymore. Remember to avoid whitening misunderstandings, choose the correct whitening methods and products to truly make the skin whiter and more radiant from the bottom of the skin.

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