Consumption View of Beauty Instruments of Generation C──How to Make It-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equ

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Consumption View of Beauty Instruments of Generation C──How to Make It-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Consumption View of Beauty Instruments of Generation C──How to Make It-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

With the popularization of smart devices, the global "online shopping" market has grown rapidly (according to eMarketer statistics: global retail e-commerce sales in 2017 were 13,570 It is estimated that it will reach 3.554 trillion US dollars by 2021.)──Such a huge sales channel that is still in the "growth stage", the main consumer group is the group of people classified as "Generation C" ──Beauty and beauty equipment industry, not to be missed!

Different from Generations X, Y, and Z—Generation C (Connected Generation, Connected Generation) is not distinguished by "year of birth". Rather, it generally refers to: groups who use digital technology (including: 3C products, network information exchange, social media, etc.) , to obtain or deal with - all kinds of daily affairs or intractable diseases - answers, etc., and love "real-time + sharing" related information (such as: graphics/video/data/APP/gadgets... and other content sharing).

Characteristics of Generation C
According to Alibaba’s research──Generation C: Loves content creation, is active in social media, and likes to communicate through the Internet. Where:
" 67 % of people will upload their images/videos to social platforms.
" 88% of people have their own social media (account), and 65% will update it every day.
" 85% of people will decide based on the "unboxing text (comments by netizens)": whether to buy "a certain-related product"? (Of course, I will also create content similar to "unboxing articles" and upload them to the Internet to share-from this perspective: Generation C is also a group of consumers who try "new creations-things".)
" 91% of people, when they go to sleep at night, their smartphones are within reach by the bedside.
" 39% of people will not dislike "advertisement" (when the content of the advertisement is related to the topic they are searching/focusing on).

Generation C's consumption concept of beauty equipment
Although the C generation does not reject "advertising"── but beauty They won't take everything they're asked to say about the "content" of their marketing copy.
When the advertisement content says "XXX (beauty equipment)" is very powerful, it can bring users: A+B+C benefits── Interested Generation C consumers will first search for relevant "opinions/comments (open-box text)" on the Internet (+community), or seek "third-party-channels" to verify the correctness of the "content/data" stated in the advertisement The "A+B+C benefits" are reasonable & highly credible──then you will make a decision to "click-BUY (button)" to place an order!
And after buying it back──Personal use process/experience experience, etc., it will be uploaded to the Internet (community) to share again, for other netizens to refer to and understand .
Therefore, Generation C can be said to be a group of "very smart and intelligent" consumers—only those who see "rabbits" (third party - product evaluation), will let go of "spreading eagles" (pay for it).
Their consumption concept of beauty equipment is:
You have to prove that your beauty device──can really help/solve-a certain skin problem, and it has passed my "verification → trustworthiness"── I am willing to spend money to use the products you recommend (or promote).
As a result, many "opinion leaders" such as beauty and beauty equipment-net celebrity/kuaishou/BLOG master...etc. appear.
After all, if everyone is waiting for the "rabbit" to appear before buying, and no one is consuming──then the "Beauty Instrument-Manufacturer (Company )" How to survive? and toConsumers who really need "this product to solve their own skin problems" will not get the benefits of "help or improvement", which is obviously not beneficial to the entire society.
So the characteristics of Generation C's own "hobby-sharing" are easily highlighted: a group of adventurers called "bleeding marginal people" appeared- ─Have the courage to try all kinds of new products, try new products/experiences, and then digest and convert them into "graphics/videos" and other methods, and upload "network/social media" to share and express your opinions/experiences (the most appropriate, that is, opening Box text/video")──It may become an "opinion leader" in this field and lead the "purchase/preference" of consumers.

Beauty equipment manufacturer's point of view: how to make the C generation willing to pay for it?< br /> So: Can your beauty equipment sell well? Let Gen C pocket the money ─ ─ depends on whether it can "resonate" (Gen C's approval)? At least that's the case in the world of online shopping!
In this regard, offers 2 small suggestions:< br /> 1. The "essence" of beauty equipment──It is necessary to ensure that the equipment/service can really solve/improve the problems of consumers. There is no need to be omnipotent (consumers of the C generation will not believe it), as long as you clearly point out: "that part (problems + improvement)" that you can solve - it is more important to win the trust of consumers, so that They want to believe in "your product/service-promise".
2. Beauty equipment publicity "means"──Seek help from relevant "opinion leaders" and give them a trial-comment/share; or spend Sponsorship of money-advertisement clearly──Let its fans be guided to buy your , or at least know that there is "your product" "Existence, maybe when there is a need in the future, the first choice that comes to consumers' minds is "your product".

Of course, the best way is to invite relevant "Generation C Consumers & Opinion Leaders" to participate in the product development stage (means), Optimize the product (essence) to the greatest extent, directly address the "target customer group-skin needs", and provide a clear "value"-I believe that the C generation consumers will "willingly" pay for it!

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