Skin detector allows you to easily "recognize yourself"

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Skin detector allows you to easily "recognize yourself"

Skin detector allows you to easily

"Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful in this world?!" "Of course it is you, my dear queen!" The story of Snow White adds to our childhood Magical colors. And the magic mirror in the story is the most direct identification of beauty. "Magic mirror, magic mirror, how is my skin?" Magic mirror skin tester. You only need to gently insert your beautiful face into the detector, and your skin problems will be analyzed immediately like a magic mirror.

It has a quick detection and scanning function, which can check the roughness of pores, RGB spots, RGB wrinkles, UV pigments, UV acne, and UV moisture seven tests. It only takes 5 minutes to measure the real age and damage degree of your skin, so as to treat the skin in a targeted manner. The skin detector can simultaneously view the analysis results of RGB pores, RGB spots, RGB wrinkles, roughness, UV pigment, UV acne, UV moisture and metal sensitivity in the form of a histogram and comprehensive results when the "diagnostic report" is issued. A comprehensive age of the skin. You can formulate a rationalization plan that suits you based on the diagnosis report.

The eight indicators in the detection are
1. RGB spots: the distribution of spots, acne marks and blackheads on the surface of the facial skin

2. RGB pores: present the distribution range of large pores. Large pores are likely to cause pore blockage, resulting in toxins that cannot be eliminated.

3. RGB roughness: the distribution of uneven bran and rough areas on the face. Mainly due to clogged pores and water loss.

4. RGB wrinkles: Due to the loss of collagen, facial wrinkles increase dramatically. The location and area of ​​wrinkles can be clearly seen through the detector.

5. UV acne: The white spots on the face are fat accumulation due to the vigorous secretion of sebaceous glands, indicating that it is necessary to replenish water. Oxygen can also be injected into the skin to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

6. UV pigment: the pigmentation of the deep metabolic image, once it is not handled properly, it will transform into surface stains.

7. UV moisture: Dehydration of the skin is very fatal. The deeper the pink color of the analysis result, the more sufficient the water, and the less it means the serious dehydration.

8. Metal sensitivity: It is an indicator for the sensitivity of the customer's skin to metal ions such as lead and mercury in cosmetics. Above 0.6 is not easy to be sensitive, and below 0.6 is easy to be sensitive.

l Initial solution to skin problems: deep cleansing


Through vacuum negative pressure technology, the ultra-fine bubbles and nutrient solution are fully combined;

The small spiral suction head can keep ultra-tiny bubbles in contact with the skin for a long time, combined with the adsorption effect, it can completely remove various impurities, mites and oil residues in the infundibulum of hair follicles ;

 Fill the funnel of the hair follicle with nutrients, making the skin moist, delicate and shiny;

Combined with the introduction of microelectric probes, it will be tightened and improved again!

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