What should be paid attention to after laser spot mole cosmetic surgery?

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What should be paid attention to after laser spot mole cosmetic surgery?

What should be paid attention to after laser spot mole cosmetic surgery?

Everyone has moles more or less. In fact, many people don't care about them, but some moles can cause a big impact. However, laser mole removal is a very popular facial beauty project. Many beauty lovers will use laser mole removal to solve the excess spots and moles on the face.

Laser mole spotting is to use the huge energy of the laser to act on the pigment tissue in an instant, so that the pigment is crushed, decomposed, swallowed by macrophages, and excreted with the lymphatic circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of removing pigment.

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After mole spotting by laser, there will usually be a large or small scab, so special attention should be paid to avoid local infection. The specific precautions are as follows:

1. The wound will not be wet for 7 to 10 days after mole spotting by laser.

2. No makeup, no drinking, no facial mask, and no rubbing of telangiectasia during laser mole treatment. Pay attention to sun protection, otherwise it will produce short-term pigmentation.

3. The scab on the wound surface began to fall off on the 5th day after mole spotting by laser. After the scab removal, the fresh tissue is relatively delicate and cannot withstand the sun, so pay attention to sun protection. It is recommended to wear sunscreen when going out, especially in summer.

4. After mole spotting by laser, the fading of pigmentation is a slow biological process. Beauty lovers should return to the hospital for reexamination one and a half months after surgery.

5. You can wash your face after 2 days, but you should immediately dry it with a soft towel after washing; note that towels must not be mixed to avoid infection.

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