Advantages of small bubble beauty equipment

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Advantages of small bubble beauty equipment

Advantages of small bubble beauty equipment

Anyone who has watched Korean dramas knows that the skin of those female stars always feels impeccable, supple and translucent, as if water can flow out with a pinch. In fact, the secret lies in those Korean skin care products with good reputation. Although skin care products and cosmetics are very helpful for daily travel activities, many girls tend to ignore skin problems: long-term use of skin care products and cosmetics, if not cleaned properly, will lead to clogged pores and rough skin.

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  Advantages of small bubble beauty equipment

Water-soluble cortex softening, calming the skin, moisturizing, removing hair follicles, removing cortex and blackheads, calming, acne, anti-acidification, supplementing nutrition, water-light effect, replenishing nutrients to the skin in a clockwise direction, rotating counterclockwise to remove cortex and impurities Remove the cortex without any stimulation, shrink the pores and purify the complexion, no needles, no extrusion to remove the cortex.

  Small Bubble has an exquisite appearance, high-end atmosphere and high-grade, with suction pen, airbrush, ice compress probe, colorful mask, and Suncher ultrasonic.

1. Suction pen: suck blackheads, grease, remove dead skin, exfoliate and clean skin;

2. Spray gun: Moisturizing, whitening and rejuvenating skin, lightening spots, removing wrinkles, and moisturizing skin;

3. Ice probe: calm the skin and shrink pores;

4. Ultrasound: skin lifting, lifting and firming, stimulation of protein collagen, product introduction, facial shaping, V-face lifting;

5. Mask: Seven kinds of IPL, rejuvenation, anti-acne, sterilization and enhancement;

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