The water light instrument creates a "water" beauty, and spends the summer easily and worr

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The water light instrument creates a "water" beauty, and spends the summer easily and worry-free-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

The water light instrument creates a

Although it is autumn and winter
But going out is still a kind of torture
The hot ground can make cats walk out of the steps that they don't recognize.
Also let the little fairies draw exquisite makeup every day,

As soon as you go out, your face becomes oily.

Ultraviolet rays are strong,
The evaporation rate of skin moisture is greatly accelerated,
Skin that loses moisture is like a tree that loses its roots,
It can cause allergies, itching and other skin problems...
Finally, fine lines appear after repeated, skinFast aging!
Many little fairies cleanse, sunscreen, moisturize, and stay on all day long!
Apply a face mask every night.
As a result, it is not as tender as before, but it actually has acne.
You are busy with skin care every day,
Do you know that skin care is too diligent and too "forceful", but it will have the opposite effect!

It is said that the foundation of having good skin is to keep the skin full of moisture, and the water light meter has undoubtedly become a very popular choice for beauty-loving girls today.
About water photometer, what are you How much do you know?

Today's editor will come to popularize it with you.

is a drug delivery skin treatment and maintenance system with patented innovative new technology. It is a kind of skin care that replenishes water tissue, awakens cell regeneration function, deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates skin, fundamentally improves skin quality, and makes skin moist, transparent, shiny and elastic.
But when it comes to the water light meter, everyone's first reaction is "pain". The traditional water light meter uses a negative pressure needle to inject into the dermis of the skin Nutrients your skin needs.
Because it penetrates deep into the dermis, the skin will be red and swollen after injection, which requires a certain recovery period.

Since this is the case, we can only put on "needle-free water light", and now we don't have to worry about pain at all!

What is needle-free water light?

Needle-free water light adopts aviation patented technology, uses 6.5bar air pressure to explode into nano-scale small molecules, and micro-liquid at a speed of 220m/s The drops are delivered directly to the basal layer of the skin through the natural channel of the skin, which is comfortable and painless through the skin.

By spraying the nutrient solution with very small molecules deep into the base layer of the skin, the instrument will not touch the skin during the whole process, which is safe and painless. [!--分页符--]

The role of needle-free water light
Because there is no trauma, the effect can be seen immediately. After injecting the needle-free water light, the skin can feel the obvious moisturizing feeling.
can import nutrients There are many kinds of solutions, and individuals can consult a doctor according to their own skin problems to formulate a suitable plan!
Vitamin A+E: maintain skin elasticity, resist oxidation, and restore delicate skin.
Vitamin C: Dilutes melanin, whitens skin, improves skin texture, and delays aging.

Hyaluronic Acid: Deeply hydrates and locks water, removes dry lines, delays skin aging, and restores plump, radiant, and fresh vitality to the skin.

How long can the needle-free water light last?

Because the needle-free water light adopts the spray method and only acts on the base layer of the skin, the effect is quick, but it maintains better than the traditional water light instrument that penetrates deep into the dermis. The time will be shorter, and one injection can last for 1-2 months. If you want to keep it longer, it is recommended to do a course of treatment for 7 days to 15 days. After 3 courses of treatment, the time will last longer and the effect will be more obvious.

With needles or without needles, what is the difference?
Different Pain
Needle-free water light quickly presses the prepared nutrient solution ingredients into the skin in the form of mist by telling the air pressure. During the whole process, Needle-free water photometer does not touch the skin, but the water mist is sprayed on the surface of the skin, not only painless, but also very comfortable in summer.
Acupoint water light uses hyaluronic acid from the same source as our skin and other formulated nutrients to inject into the dermis with a professional device and syringe layer. The dermis is scattered with capillaries and nerves, which can cause some pain.Painful.
different depth of treatment
The treatment depth of needle-free water light can reach the mesoderm of the skin, but it cannot go deep into the dermis. Generally, it can only act on the epidermis, so generally The nutrient solution of the needle-free water light is mostly an easily absorbed low-molecular liquid product, so that it can penetrate and absorb better and achieve the effect of improving the dermal tissue. The maintenance time of the needle-free water light instrument is shorter than that of the needle water light.
Different from acupuncture and water light, it can inject hyaluronic acid directly into the shallower dermis layer to replenish the nutrients that are gradually lost in the dermis layer and promote skin care. Absorption, it is more excellent in improving skin texture, moisturizing effect and performance.
Different maintenance time
Needle-free water light, easy to operate, comfortable, and non-invasive, and the effect is good in time after the operation, and you can see the effect of hydration and luster immediately after the operation , Many beauty seekers are more likely to accept it, but because the depth of action is shallow, it can only act on the epidermis to the mesoderm, so the metabolism is fast and the maintenance time is short. Therefore, the interval between each time in the needle-free water phototherapy course is relatively short. Generally, it is recommended to take about one month according to the skin's metabolic cycle.
There is needle water light, most physicians in beauty salons usually recommend three or more injections of water light instrument, because only in this way can make it The effect is fully exerted. By supplementing the homologous hyaluronic acid of our human body, the skin's absorption capacity is enhanced, so it can last for a longer time. However, each person's skin absorption rate is different, and there are many people whose effect is not obvious after three injections.

Choose Needle-free water light and needle water light, we need to comprehensively consider the level of treatment of the two, maintainTime, pain, and then choose a more suitable treatment method according to your needs. Or a combination of both.

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