Which cosmetic high-risk items should be avoided? Zhenhuimei tells you!

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Which cosmetic high-risk items should be avoided? Zhenhuimei tells you!

Which cosmetic high-risk items should be avoided? Zhenhuimei tells you!

Beauty parlors are favorite beauty care places for many MMs. If you have acne, go to treat acne, and if you have freckles, remove freckles. In short, if you have skin problems, go to the beautician in the beauty parlor. Throwing a lot of money in may not necessarily bring you a beautiful and clean face. Why is this? Beauty salons are not professional skin hospitals, and there are still many hidden dangers. Our knowledge department of beauty equipment company will come to understand with you!

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1. Cosmetic needles cannot be guaranteed. At present, the more common cosmetic needles include BOTOX and whitening needles for wrinkle removal and face thinning. . Face-lifting needles are very particular about the ingredients and formulas, so don't try it rashly.

2. Effectiveness and lack of photon hair removal Photon hair removal requires a certain amount of energy, too low will not work well, and the removal will not be clean, too high will burn the skin. Beauty salons may offer items such as waxing, but phototherapy should not be used.

3. The effectiveness of IPL skin rejuvenation/lifting/shrinking pores is difficult. It is true that some beauty parlors have low-energy phototherapy skin beauty instruments, but the energy is low, and it is generally difficult to achieve the effect of deep-seated operations. In fact, even if the equipment is operated in the hospital, it needs a long period of regular operation to stimulate collagen production. Don't expect the beauty parlor to bring you more surprises.

4. Chemical peeling skin peeling is very dangerous. The skin depth and drug concentration of chemical peeling, even if doctors are very cautious, need to be determined according to each person's skin condition. The skin peeling treatments in beauty salons are usually called "fruit acids" and "plant enzymes", but they are actually chemical peels.

5. Oral essential oils are ineffective Some beauty salons are equipped with nutritionists and also sell healthy food, but the "oral essential oils" that have recently emerged are completely expensive and ineffective gimmicks. If the concentration is too high, it will burn the digestive tract. Even estrogen is added to some products, and the skin will become better in the short term, but long-term use is very harmful to the body.

6. Worrying about moles and freckle removal other skin problems.

7. Bowel cleansing is ineffective and dangerous. Bowel cleansing was once considered to have the effect of eliminating toxins, shaping and beautifying. In fact,Nutrients are absorbed as early as in the small intestine, and it is impossible to cleanse the colon to help eliminate fat, nor can it fundamentally solve the problem of constipation. Frequent colon cleansing, on the contrary, may lead to intestinal flora disturbance or even more serious problems.

8. Clear acne and treat the symptoms, not the root cause. The beautician will help you squeeze out the blackheads of acne, but will not give you antibacterial drugs. If the technique is rough or the disinfection is improper, it may cause skin infection, and the acne will become more crowded.

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