If the beauty salon cannot continue to operate, is it a problem with the beauty equipment?

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If the beauty salon cannot continue to operate, is it a problem with the beauty equipment?

If the beauty salon cannot continue to operate, is it a problem with the beauty equipment?

As the competition in the beauty industry becomes more and more fierce, a large number of franchise brands of beauty salons rise up, those small beauty shops are struggling, and many beauty parlors will encounter customers who do not let in, employees cannot retain, and costs are high. Increase, the performance does not grow, and in the end it cannot survive and has to close the business. So, what is the culprit behind the failure of beauty salons? Let's take a look below.

1. Project issues

There is no shortage of products or projects in this market. Most owners of beauty salons choose projects based on profit and sales, but they don't think about quality and effect from the perspective of customers.

You know, introducing projects is like garnishing dishes for customers. You must know how to match them, be able to think of customers' needs, and provide targeted and diversified satisfaction. This is the direction of running a beauty salon.

2. Timely customer extension

Beauty salons worry about not seeing customers all day long, so the bosses are anxious, and they are looking for customers every month. They think that if there are customers, there will be money. But as an operator, you need to know what customers can experience after entering the store. Only those who are truly capable and responsible for customers' payment, have a good reception process and a perfect customer retention system can retain customers who have expanded.

3. Put the cart before the horse in internal training

The content training of beauty salons largely revolves around sales and "money". But the real training is to systematically learn the service reception process, beauty professional knowledge, store management, customer analysis and financial control. Customer trust and reliance.

4. Crazy Promotion

Many beauty salons do not promote or sell, without discount benefits and free gifts, it is difficult for customers to enter the store for consumption. Price fights and crazy gifts make us more unsustainable, we seeNo other results.

Many beauty parlors fight for prices and give crazy gifts for customers to enter the store for consumption, but they find that most of the customers take advantage of the advantages and leave. The simple promotion and discount of beauty parlors will only make the beauty parlors become cheap stores, and it will not be able to form the professional respect of the customers for the stores and beauticians, and it will be difficult to form a continuous consumption dependence. Beauty salons are not cheap or insanely high-priced stores. Fighting for discount benefits and speculating on concepts to sell big cards will not be a truly viable profit model for beauty salons in the future.

5. Beauty equipment

A good beauty salon is often inseparable from the support of beauty equipment, so if all the beauty equipment used are inferior, the customer experience or effect is poor, and there will definitely be no customers.

6. Serve laymen

It is obviously a beauty salon, but there is no qualified front desk and beauty consultants. The professional knowledge of several beauticians is not even comparable to that of customers. It is also a miracle that the beauty salon can survive.

7. Just leave it on

At the beginning, we spent a lot of energy and painstaking efforts to open the beauty salon, but we didn't pay attention to the operation. This is also an important reason why most of the stores cannot continue to open. The bosses not only need to pay money, but also need to know more basic common sense and methods of operation and management, and be willing to spend money and time to learn the professional skills and knowledge of running a beauty salon.

Most of the beauty parlors that cannot continue to operate have the above problems. The reality tells us that it is not easy to open a shop and it is not easy to operate.

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