What kind of beauty instrument can whiten the whole body?

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What kind of beauty instrument can whiten the whole body?

What kind of beauty instrument can whiten the whole body?

As a new product in the beauty industry in 2019, the whitening cabin has been attracting the attention of many customers, and related questions have also followed. Recently, the more popular whole body whitening cabin management was born for skin whitening. In this way, girls can get fair skin without injecting whitening injections. Its main principle of action is to lighten the melanin to achieve the effect of whitening the whole body through phototherapy. At the same time, this device can also promote the production of collagen to help the skin maintain a firm state.

The whole body whitening cabin is a kind of mild care. After several courses of treatment, you can completely solve the problem of tanning, and at the same time, you will find that your original dark spots will also disappear. The following will summarize some of the more popular questions and answers for you, hoping to solve problems for customers who choose whitening cabins!

1. What is the size, weight, and floor space of the whitening cabin?
The whitening cabin should be placed in a space of 2*1 meters. The size of the bare-bones beauty equipment is 192*85*85cm, the outer packaging is about 201*97*110cm, and weighs 75kg.

2. What is the effect of the whitening cabin?
Generally speaking, the effect of a course of treatment can be maintained for more than one year.

3. Is it effective to use this for natural black?
Whether it is a natural skin problem or an acquired factor that causes the skin problem, the 655nm light source in the whitening cabin can accelerate the skin's metabolism to achieve the effect of whitening and rejuvenating the skin.

4. How long is the general operation?
It is recommended that the general operation time be around 20 minutes. After a while, the system can be controlled, and the system will automatically power off and stop when the operating time is reached.

5. Is there any radiation?
thisIt is illuminated by a light source, not radiated.

6. Can it be used during menstrual period?
This has no effect, and the specific situation depends on your own physical condition.

7. Besides whitening, what are the other functions?
In addition to the whitening effect, it also has anti-aging and firming effects, promotes blood circulation, and has a very good effect on improving sub-health.

8. How often to do it
Generally speaking, it is done once every other day, and about three times a week.

9. How many times a course of treatment?
10 to 15 times is a course of treatment. The whitening cabin recommends a minimum of 10 to 15 times of use, and 10 to 15 times must be completed within a month, because 28 days is the skin rejuvenation cycle. The skin is divided into the basal layer, the spinous layer, the granular layer, the transparent layer, and finally the stratum corneum.

Most of the cells in the stratum corneum continue to grow upwards from the bottom and accumulate continuously. The cells on the top become the spinous layer, and finally become the granular layer, the transparent layer, and finally the stratum corneum. Most of the cells in the stratum corneum are dead cells It will fall off, that is, things that are easy to fall off when taking a bath. It takes 14 days for cells to go from the basal layer to the stratum corneum, and the time to fall off is also 14 days, which adds up to 28 days, which is almost the time for skin cells to grow and fall off.

10. How many lamp tubes are there in the beauty equipment?
The beauty instrument has 24 lamp tubes, 12 lamp tubes on the top and 12 lamp tubes on the bottom.

11. What is the difference between whitening and tanning?
In China, more than 98% of customer needs are for whitening, but with individualized needs, some customers also want to have a tanning effect. Whitening requires a red light source, self-tanning requires a blue light source, and green light is an auxiliary calming effect.

12. What is the life cycle of the lamp and how to replace it?
Our lamps are all imported from Germany. Under normal operation, the service life is 4,000 hours, and the energy will gradually decrease. You can consider replacing the lamps. It is relatively easy to replace the lamp tube, similar to replacing a lamp tube at home, there is no technical obstacle, and the charge for changing a lamp tube is around 500. (Lamp tube imported from Germany, 0 mercury added, can be used for a long time to ensure stable light efficiency, and refuse to hurt the eyes from the flicker screen)

13. Is the beauty equipment easy to operate?
The overall operation of the beauty equipment is relatively simple, one-button operation for fools, and can be easily solved through the manual or WeChat video guidance.

14. How long will it take for the order to be available?
Since most of the accessories and light tubes are imported, the company has a lot of orders from home and abroad. Generally speaking, the goods can be shipped about 10 days after the order is placed. If there is a surge in orders from major exhibitions, the delivery time will be extended to about one month.

15. What is the temperature of the whitening cabin?
Generally, when operating the whitening cabin, the indoor temperature is kept at around 24°C, . Has successfully developed and produced radio frequency beauty equipment, ultrasonic beauty equipment, laser beauty equipment, beauty weight loss equipment, beauty weight loss equipment, water light beauty equipment, anti-aging ultrasonic knife beauty equipment and various high-end beauty and body equipment and other professional beauty equipment, Widely used in hospital dermatology, plastic surgery and other beauty and body institutions.

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