How to choose home radio frequency beauty instrument? Pay attention to the IQ tax!

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How to choose home radio frequency beauty instrument? Pay attention to the IQ tax!

How to choose home radio frequency beauty instrument? Pay attention to the IQ tax!

Is radio frequency beauty an IQ tax? Can you really fight aging at home?

First of all, radio frequency anti-aging technology has undergone a lot of clinical research, and it is also a medical cosmetic method with relatively high safety. As early as 2002, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the application of radio frequency technology in medical beauty for the first time. Radio frequency is actually a kind of electric current. The principle of radio frequency beauty is to stimulate the dermis and part of the subcutaneous layer of the skin through the heating effect of the current, activate collagen and fiber regeneration, and achieve the effect of lifting, firming and anti-wrinkle.

The "anti-aging artifacts" you've heard of - the famous Thermage, Therati, etc., are actually radio frequency. It's just that they are medical radio frequency instruments, with higher power and better results. "Immediate effect", but at the same time , they need to be performed by professionals in qualified hospitals or clinics, and they are often expensive and painful. Compared with high-power medical radio frequency beauty methods, the reason why home radio frequency beauty instruments are so popular, the editor summarizes the following points:

First, it doesn't hurt. Although she has always been bold, her little heart trembled a few times when she saw the face of the little sister next to her who was swollen like a "Tibetan fox" after beating Remaji, and her red eyes that were crying from pain.

Second, it is convenient. There is no need to make an appointment for a face-to-face clinic appointment, wait a few days in line for a call, and then lie dormant at home for a few days to recover. Apply the gel at home by yourself, and it can be done in twenty minutes. Even if you are on a business trip, the small and exquisite body can be carried with you, anti-aging and anti-aging at any time.

Third, it works. Although its power is lower than that of medical machines, as long as you insist on using it, it can still be a good helper on your anti-aging journey!

How to choose among so many radio frequency beauty instruments on the market?

First of all, the things used on the face must be reliable. After all, the beauty instruments produced by some small manufacturers may not only fail to meet the technical requirements, but also may be unsafe. In case of unstable output power and accidental burns, it is really worrying!

Secondly, when you choose, you should look at the "temperature". This temperature is not the temperature of the machine, but whether the instrument can make your skin reach the level that can stimulate collagen to change.temperature and regeneration temperature.
If the temperature is too low, it will have no effect; if the temperature is too high, it may cause burns. Studies have found that the heat of 37-44 degrees Celsius can only accelerate cell metabolism, and 44-45 degrees Celsius can cause conformational changes in skin collagen. Therefore, 44 degrees Celsius is the minimum temperature requirement for collagen remodeling.

In another study, the report pointed out that heating the skin tissue until the skin surface temperature reaches 43 degrees Celsius for 90 seconds to 5 minutes can induce collagen remodeling. Therefore, if the minimum required temperature is not reached at all, it cannot cause conformational changes in the collagen in the upper layer of the dermis (papillary layer), and it cannot stimulate its regeneration and remodeling. No matter how much it is used, it is difficult to truly resist aging!

Only by acting on the dermis through radio frequency, heating the dermis to 44 degrees or above, or heating the skin surface to 43 degrees, and heating for a sufficient time, can we achieve the beauty effect we call. Collagen that can act on the dermis Protein, and will not burn the epidermis.

Another important selection point, since it is a radio frequency beauty instrument, the type of radio frequency used will also affect its effect. At present, there are two types of home beauty instruments on the market: bipolar radio frequency and multi-group bipolar radio frequency. Generally speaking, multi-group bipolar radio frequency beauty instruments are better than bipolar radio frequency.

Multi-group bipolar radio frequency is a technical improvement on the basis of bipolar radio frequency. Multi-group radio frequency has a large area of ​​action and better penetration effect. Moreover, multi-group radio frequency equipment can better control heat output and is more stable than Bipolar RF is safer.

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