What are small bubbles? What is the efficacy and role?

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What are small bubbles? What is the efficacy and role?

What are small bubbles? What is the efficacy and role?

Having fair and clean skin is the dream of every girl. If you want your skin to be as lovely as the girl next door, you must first clean it This step~ Regarding cleaning, basic cleaning can only take away the dirt such as oil and makeup residue on the skin surface. If you choose improper makeup remover and cleaning products, not only will you not be able to thoroughly clean the pore waste, but it will further clog the pores. Clogged pores will not only prevent the skin from absorbing the active ingredients of skin care products, but also the root cause of skin problems. Therefore, it is necessary to do deep cleaning regularly. In order for the skin to be fully maintained, the first solution is to open the pores and discharge all the toxins and garbage inside. At this time " " is here!

Small bubbles use nano-scale bubble water to form a vacuum circuit through vacuum negative pressure, and use the suction of negative pressure to suck away the oil blocked in the pores , can deeply clean the face, remove mites and oil residues, and make pores more comfortable. In the final analysis, it is suction. Therefore, it has the function of cleaning, the pores are smoothed, and the follow-up skin care products can naturally be better absorbed, and the condition of the skin will be improved.

Remove old dead skin cells and whiten skin

When the small bubbles are cleaned, AHA (fruit acid) and BHA (salicylic acid) will be added. These two ingredients have the effect of removing old dead skin cells. effect. It reduces the total amount of melanin in the skin by removing the old waste cutin in the pores and peeling the outer layer of skin with fruit acid. Therefore, after the small bubbles are done, the skin will look white and bright.

Supplement moisture and inject nutrition into skin

Among the three solutions used in the process of cleaning the small bubbles, the third one contains vitamin C, vitamin E, aloe vera, green tea extract, nutrient solution. After use, it can effectively calm the skin and maintain the luster of the skin.

Remove blackheads and remove clogged garbage

The principle of small bubble cleaning can remove blackheads and garbage from pores for beauty seekers. This is because the process of cleaning the small bubbles shows that you need to use a face steamer to steam the nose area for 10 minutes, so that the pores will open, and then use a negative pressure straw to move back and forth on the nose to suck out blackheads and some sebum mixed bacteria mixture. Therefore, small bubble cleaning can achieve the effect of removing blackheads and dirty substances.

Many people around me have made small bubbles. Generally speaking, everyone is satisfied with its cleaning effect. But it should be noted that before doing it, you must ask whether they have used acid components, which All kinds of acids will make the stratum corneum thinner, so don’t do it too often. In addition, if you have sensitive skin, it is recommended that you only do the T-zone, and let it go on the cheeks. Some small workshops don’t know where to get it What the hell instrument looks weird and full of doubts. After all, it is used to make things on the face. Therefore, it is recommended to go to a professional medical and aesthetic institution for beauty projects involving instruments to be more at ease!

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