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TikTok most searched! 10 models sold out of stock Taiwan Hit beauty instrument-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

TikTok most searched! 10 models sold out of stock Taiwan Hit beauty instrument-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

All kinds of beauty equipment are integrated into life in an unstoppable manner, from cleansing and washing face, scalp massage, warming acupressure...all are intended The real-life product agency, home maintenance has entered the era of high-efficiency 3C, and the editor has tracked down these big insiders one by one, in order to bring the most incisive analysis.

1.Panasonic Nano ion hair dryer

PreviousEH-NA96 The small pink hair dryer beauty equipment has become a must-have fever item when traveling in Japan, and the latest launch is the same combination Nano water ions and platinum negative ions can reduce the friction damage during blowing, and you can also choose the alternate mode of cold and hot cycle, enjoy the home. SPAHairdressing.

EditorSpecial comment:

The coolest thing is to provide "smart warm air mode", which will automatically control the temperature of the blower according to the environment, like the hot summer, the wind blowing out Just reduce the heat sensation; there are even 60°C Breeze selection, which can blow on the face to protect the moisture content of the skin. EH-NA97 in hand The part has been improved, and the special electrostatic function is used to prevent the hair from tangling. After blowing the hair, it is like doing hair care at the same time.

2.Clinique Perfect Curve Microcirculation Energy Instrument

Previously also launched a sonic skin cleansing beauty instrumentClinique, this time it has evolved and developed the same body, only need to replace the probe, it can transform from a washing machine to a facial massager clever design.

EditorSpecial comment:

The stainless steel material has a large wavy pattern and a partial bump design of particles, which is convenient to match with skin care products to relax and lift a large area of ​​facial muscles, and Intensify massage on acupoints deeply.

[!--分页符--]3.Clarisonic x Keith Haring Limited Edition Sonic Cleanser

Successfully entered the beauty care counter theater on the first floor of the department store with a face washing machine, using the sonic resonance technology to wash and purify the deep dirt on the face more efficiently, creating a sales miracle and also Cleaning history has been rewritten.

EditorSpecial comment:

This season, join hands with talented graffiti master Keith. Harlem's paintings, launched a joint limited edition that expresses the heat of life. Washing the face, which was regarded as a trivial matter in the past, has become the key to beauty, pressStart, in a very short period of time, it can wash out better results than traditional face washing, just like a craftsman, every pore The details are not spared, but artificial intelligence will do it for you.

4.YA-MAN Electric Scalp Massager

In the past, sisters and sisters always liked to go to the hairdressing salon to wash their hair, give them a scalp massage, and feel refreshed. This scalp massager simulates real-life massage , you can do scalp while taking a showerSPA, just like having a professional hairdresser at home.

EditorSpecial comment:

This massage beauty equipment is probably not available even in Taiwan. But in fact, people who have used it are full of praise. The body is small and easy to hold, which is ergonomic, and every minute after startup5< /span>More than 10,000 high-speed vibrations, plus264 protruding massage points, also taking into account waterproof, really super relaxing from scratch! The massage probe can be replaced, It can also be used as a shoulder and neck massage.

5.Philips Cleansing and rejuvenating skinSPASkin beauty instrument

The world's first home beauty instrument using intelligent recognition technology! The replaceable brush head of the skin cleanser, the vitality massage roller and the ice-cold brightening massage head provide a three-in-one salon-level skin care that cleanses, lifts, and brightens the eyes.


EditorSpecial comment:

cleansing instrumentbeauty equipment is matched with 3DThe antibacterial and soft brush head makes it easier to clean the dirt; and the bright ceramic ice-cold probe is matched with every second120times of nano-shock, can relieve fatigue around the eyes and strengthen the absorption of skin care products; the most special The best thing is that the massage roller is hand in hand with the French aromatherapy masterChico Shigeta Co-developed to reproduce the stroking, kneading, tapping and other techniques of real people in salon skin care.

6.Refa S CARAT MicrocurrentSPlatinum massage roller

< br />

ReFa series of beauty equipment--Platinum When the massage roller was first launched, even the Internet cost tens of thousands of yuan, but there were still a bunch of people scrambling to buy it. The most important thing is the smart use of the micro-current generated by the absorption of light by the solar panel, plus the ability to "clip and slide" when it is accurate. The unique drainage roller design, as long as you use it, you will feel super feeling immediately.

EditorSpecial comment:

Recently, more people prefer to carry with themSlight and compactbeauty equipment , in addition to the relatively affordable price, it can focus on strengthening the eye area, nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles, and chin contour lines.

7.YA-MAN Elastic skin beauty instrument

In Japan as FamousYA-MAN, found that it is difficult to remember the overly complicated facial movement steps, and it is easy to give up when exhausted, so he proposed to use "vertical rhythm slapping ", to help the facial skin exercise deep muscles, just like doing core muscle exercises, improving elasticity and firmness.

EditorSpecial comment:

You can choose "Clear " mode, gently massage around the eyes and forehead, and perform skin warming exercises through gentle and intensive tapping; or use "< /span>[!--分页符--]Up" mode deep and Quickly tap the cheeks and around the lips to resist the easily relaxed apple muscles and masticatory muscles; while "Tone " mode uses variable speed taps to drive the cycle mechanism of the face.

8.Dr.Placen High Magnetic Massager

Dr. "Air Flying Mask" is frequently out of stock even in Taiwan. The most important thing is to use a massager made of natural magnets without touching it Apply to the skin, absorb the mud at close range and remove the mud on the face.

EditorEditorSpecial Comment: strong>

The mud is rich in moisturizing and whiteningThe combination of ingredients with natural magnetism can miraculously ionize the skin. The high-magnetism massage beauty instrument deeply purifies and accumulates dirt in the pores, and it also helps to drive the vitality mechanism and strengthen the maintenance effect of skin care ingredients.

9. Eye importer

Put forward the requirement of "even if you are busy, you are still beautiful", aiming at the high pressure of modern people, mobile phones, computers, etc.3CSupplies lead to excessive use of eyes, eye introduction device It is also widely welcomed by office workers as soon as it is launched.

EditorSpecial comment:

With high frequency electromagnetic plus optional2 regular vibration frequencies, which can relax the tight pressure on the eyes anytime and anywhere, and restore the moisture and vitality of the eyes . Also launched in JapanEH-SW30 style, thinner and smaller.

10.Tescom Hair Collagen Hair Dryer

A supplementary collagen box is thoughtfully designed at the air outlet. After opening, it will combine nano water mist negative ions and moisture in the air to smooth hair scales and provides heat and abrasion protection.

Editor's special comment:

If you have the problem of color fading after dyeing, the low-temperature mode of this hair dryer can avoid repeated blow-drying at overheating temperatures And cause the color to fade too quickly. After blow-drying the hair, there is a transparent invisible protective film on the hair, which can better resist the sun's ultraviolet rays.

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