In-depth analysis of small bubble beauty instrument

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In-depth analysis of small bubble beauty instrument

In-depth analysis of small bubble beauty instrument

With the development of science and technology, the technology of the beauty industry is also constantly updated. Various beauty instruments have been launched for more and more skin problems. Many people want to experience high-tech beauty technology, but because of the large number of functional categories I don't know how to choose, so I launched a small bubble beauty instrument, one instrument can meet various needs!


Working principle of small bubbles

Hydroxy water refers to the purification of pure water into hydroxide ion water, which will produce H2 fine molecules on the surface of the skin, so that the water molecules and cells can quickly penetrate into the skin, achieving the effect of suppleness and whitening. On the basis of the traditional small bubbles, a rotating cleansing water grinding head is innovatively added, and the skin cleansing effect is even better.

Skin beautification is safer and there is almost no skin damage: it produces a peeling effect on the aging and accumulated keratinocytes, which has almost no damage to normal skin. It is more refined, more targeted, softer, and at the same time cleans more prominently. Remove facial dirt, even skin tone, make skin fair, promote metabolism, enhance body functions, make toxins and wastes easily excreted, lighten age spots, smooth fine lines, tender and smooth skin.

The advantages of small bubbles

It has the traditional small bubble cleaning function combined with hydroxide ion water for better skin rejuvenation effect. The rotating water sculpture microdermabrasion cleaning head can remove dead skin and replenish water in a spiral manner.

High-oxygen water molecules can make the atomic groups of water molecules smaller, and oxygen can more easily dissolve into the gaps of the atomic groups. The vacuum circuit is formed by vacuum negative pressure, and the ultra-micro bubbles and nutrient solution are fully combined, and the specially designed spiral suction head directly acts on the skin to promote the peeling effect.

Combining the small bubbles with the skin rejuvenation effect of hydroxide ion water, it opens the funnel of the hair follicle in a safe and painless situation, removes the metabolic waste of the cutin of the skin, and provides sufficient and lasting nutrients for the skin at the same time, so that the cuticle of the skin reaches Moist, delicate, and shiny, so that high-end instrument projects such as ultrasonic scalpel and water light needle can be carried out better.

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