Which brand of OPT hair removal device is good? -Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Which brand of OPT hair removal device is good? -Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Which brand of OPT hair removal device is good? -Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Opt Hair Removal DeviceIt refers to the intense pulsed light technology of skin medical hair removal with pulse technology, which can not only greatly improve the hair removal effect, but also greatly improve the safety. Which brand of opt hair removal device is good?

Therapeutic principle and scope of opt hair removal device:

Principle of hair removal: opt hair removal is a new long-term hair removal technology: the filtered intense pulsed light is easily damaged by hair and The melanin in the hair follicle absorbs and turns into heat energy. The heat energy makes the hair shaft and hair follicle heat up rapidly. If the temperature is above 60°C, the melanin group in the hair bulb and hair papilla will be carbonized, decomposed, and metabolized, causing the original hair to fall off and the new hair to grow slowly. Grow sparsely and sparsely until there are no more growths.

Principle of skin whitening, acne (acne) and redness: Use strong light to kill propionic acid in acne Bacillus, using the combination of short-band spectrum and radio frequency current to reduce the activity of sebaceous glands, eliminate color precipitation, stimulate deep collagen proliferation, enhance the function of blood vessel walls, and achieve good therapeutic effects. Pure IPL technology and the combination technology of opt and RF, using IPL technology, using the selective absorption of light by hemoglobin and chromophore The thermal decomposition principle heats up the target tissue, provides normal skin tissue, especially does not damage the epidermal tissue, and decomposes the pigment of the target tissue to achieve the purpose of treatment. Using opt light and RF combination technology: the selective absorption of strong light by skin tissue will cause the impedance difference between the target tissue and normal skin tissue, when the light energy is low, it can strengthen the target tissue to the radio wave current Absorption, to achieve the effect of radiofrequency treatment.

Treatment range of OPT hair removal device:
1. Hair removal: permanent hair removal, which is unsightly hair (long hair) all over the body, including thin hair with light color.
2. Freckle removal: remove freckles, sun spots, age spots, acne marks, and facial blemishes.
3. Skin rejuvenation: Improve enlarged pores, rough skin, and dull complexion, make the skin fair, even in color, and restore skin elasticity.
4. Acne removal: Acne, acne marks.

5. Improve telangiectasia: red blood, facial flushing.

Advantages of OPT hair removal device:
1. Short time: a single treatment only takes 20-30 minutes
2. Non-invasive: no trauma to skin tissue
3. Painless: no anesthesia is required, only a slight burning sensation during treatment
4. No need for follow-up care: no special post-operative care
5. The effect is stable: a single treatment is equivalent to 2-3 times of ordinary E light

6. Safety: The OPT system is a combination of high-tech optics and human bioengineering technology, which has changed the previous hair growth problem and removed the dark color Hair, high safety factor, not easy to produce pigmentation.

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