Several advantages of skin detector

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Several advantages of skin detector

Several advantages of skin detector

Various physiological indicators of the skin, such as water content, PH value, degree of oil secretion, uniformity of pigment distribution, elasticity, etc., are the basis for us to judge the health and sensitivity of the skin basic indicators. So what are the advantages of skin detector.

1. Capture all-round images of the face: within a few seconds, under standard white light and ultraviolet light, quickly capture all-round images of the face and realize dual image presentation.

2. Fully automatic detection of skin problems: the system automatically divides the facial area into T-shaped area of ​​forehead and nose, left face area and right face area. The size of the area can be manually adjusted Adjust, the face area can be zoomed in to observe its status. Within a few minutes, the system automatically detects and analyzes the tester's facial skin, respectively detects and analyzes the facial skin's pigmentation, pores, roughness, wrinkles, and other indicators, and makes qualitative and quantitative analysis of these indicators.

3. Quantitative analysis of skin physiological indicators: the system can determine the number of spots, pores, and indicators detected by the system, and count the total number. The roughness is determined by the color The depth indicates that the wrinkles are indicated by the potential wrinkle lines, and the wrinkles are expressed by connecting lines, and all the detection results are given by percentages.

4. UV detection goes deep into the skinCondition: By taking pictures with ultraviolet light, it can detect the condition of the skin below the epidermis. The system uses ultraviolet light, which is harmless to the human body, to photograph the facial skin to detect potential subcutaneous pigmentation. Through subcutaneous detection, the skin quality can be scientifically analyzed and potential pigmentation and signs can be effectively prevented.

5. Area calculation and size measurement of stain area: the system has tools for linear measurement and circular measurement, which can measure the length of wrinkles and the area of ​​stain area, and the measurement results Given as a number, in millimeters.

6. Cross-period efficacy evaluation: through the detection and evaluation on the system before and after the operation, the system can realize the intuitive comparison and digital comparison of the facial skin conditions of the same subject in different periods, Such as the increase or decrease in the number of stains, the change in the number of stains, and the change in percentage results, and use this to evaluate the efficacy of beauty products and products, and provide strong evidence for them, so as to use data and methods The facts speak for themselves.

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