Floating eyebrows or misty eyebrows are suitable for those people? What are the key points of laser

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Floating eyebrows or misty eyebrows are suitable for those people? What are the key points of laser eyebrow washing machine? -Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Floating eyebrows or misty eyebrows are suitable for those people? What are the key points of laser eyebrow washing machine? -Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Floating eyebrows and misty eyebrows are very popular eyebrow beauty methods in recent years. They have gradually replaced traditional eyebrow tattooing and embroidery, and have become the choice of many female friends to deal with eyebrow styling. In street advertisements and on the Internet, you can also see small advertisements related to floating eyebrows and foggy eyebrows everywhere. Why do people care so much about eyebrows? This is actually not difficult to understand. Eyebrows have always been one of the most difficult areas of the face to make up. Well-painted eyebrows are the finishing touch and make the facial features look more three-dimensional, but if they fail, they are often so abrupt that it is difficult not to notice them!

For women who love beauty, early humans invented the technology of "tattooing eyebrows". Using a method similar to tattooing, needles with pigments are inserted into the skin to "tattoo" eyebrows. With the evolution of technology, floating eyebrows and misty eyebrows have gradually become popular, and the treated eyebrows look more natural and beautiful than traditional tattooed and embroidered eyebrows. Many people have been troubled by sparse and uneven eyebrows for a long time, or feel that they are handicapped and cannot draw eyebrows. These friends often turn to tattoo practitioners in the market for misty eyebrows and floating eyebrows, hoping to have ideal eyebrows semi-permanently. How do floating eyebrows and foggy eyebrows work? How is it different from the early "eyebrow tattoo"? What are the possible risks of floating eyebrows and foggy eyebrows? How to balance beauty and safety? Let the editor of talk to you completely today!

Who are Floating Eyebrows or Foggy Eyebrows suitable for? What is the ratio of good eyebrows to eyes?
Who are floating eyebrows or misty eyebrows suitable for? The most common reasons for people who come to make floating eyebrows and foggy eyebrows are the following three:
  1. sparse eyebrows
  2. Uneven hair volume (for example: thick brows but thin ends)
  3. I don't think my eyebrows look good
If the eyebrows are sparse, or the hair volume is uneven, you can visually increase the volume of eyebrows through foggy eyebrows and floating eyebrows. This should be easy to understand. But in fact, whether it is floating eyebrows or foggy eyebrows, the biggest key lies in the design of the "eyebrow shape"! If you draw by yourself, basically you can follow your heart every dayLove and the current trend of design, but it will take more time. But if you have floating eyebrows or misty eyebrows, this is a semi-permanent (usually lasting 6-24 months, or even a little longer) approach. If the eyebrow shape is not well designed, it is really a tragedy... In the end, I can only wash my eyebrows to remove the dye that got into the skin.
Below we will sort out several common eyebrow shapes and the relatively suitable face shapes for your reference. But what I want to declare first is that there is no "standard definition" of beauty, whether it looks good or not varies from person to person, and the most important thing is to be happy when you look at it!

The key to laser fog eyebrows and floating eyebrows: the ratio of eyebrows to eyes

Isn't the eyebrow just a curved hair? But things are not as simple as foolish people think. Eyebrows can be subdivided into eyebrows, eyebrow peaks and eyebrow tails. The brow is the starting point of the eyebrows, and the best position is on the same line as the nose wing and the head of the eyes; the eyebrow peak is the highest point of the eyebrows, and the best position is the part extending from the nose wing to the black eye; and the eyebrow tail is the end of the eyebrows, preferably The line extending from the outside of the nose to the end of the eye.
Different face shapes can be matched with different eyebrow shapes to produce different effects. Here are some common suggested combinations of face shape and eyebrow shape for your reference:
Round face: suitable for tall eyebrows with slightly higher brow peaks and soft turning
Long face: suitable for unlined eyebrows with low eyebrow peaks and slightly elongated eyebrow tails
Square face: suitable for rounded eyebrows with eyebrows pushed back and soft curves
Oval face: the eyebrow shape is suitable for a wide range, basically as long as it is in the standard position, but you can also try different eyebrow shapes!

What is the difference between floating eyebrows and foggy eyebrows? What is the difference between laser eyebrow tattoo and traditional tattoo?

Laser floating eyebrows and misty eyebrows are actually similar to traditional eyebrow tattooing and embroidery in principle. Both use needles to pierce foreign coloring materials into the skin, and use the same principle as tattoos to leave color in the skin semi-permanently. It's just that the early needles and instruments were not as good as they are now, and the quality of the colorants used was unstable (but there are still some doubts about the colorants in the industry, such as the risk of containing heavy metals). In addition, in the early days, the "blocky" coloring method was used. For example, it is like drawing a frame with a colored pen to paint the color, but the eyebrows actually have shades and thicknesses. Under the traditional method, the eyebrows certainly do not look nature.
As for the current floating eyebrows and misty eyebrows, most tattoo artists advertise that they "only use needles to penetrate the epidermis or superficial layer of the skin", and many eyebrow tattoo artists claim to "use plant-based, heavy metal-free" color creams, Re-emphasize that its own technology is exclusive and can present more natural and beautiful eyebrows. But it must be said first that the above statement is only the unilateral declaration of the tattoo artist. Is it true? It's hard to say.
The biggest difference between floating eyebrows and misty eyebrows is that "floating eyebrows" will imitate the lines of eyebrows. If a tattooist with good skills can puncture lifelike eyebrows; The method of coloring is like brushing it lightly with a pastel pen, so that the eyebrows look like they have been brushed with eyebrow powder, making the visual effect of thicker eyebrows. In addition, there are also methods of combining floating eyebrows and misty eyebrows on the market. For example, some companies have launched soft eyebrows, oxygen eyebrows, and daisy eyebrows... all kinds of names will make you dazzled. But these practices are actually changing the soup but not the medicine, they are all changes from the original floating eyebrows and foggy eyebrows!

If you want misty eyebrows or floating eyebrows, you can choose from a wide variety of tattoo studios on the market, and you can find information on each of them on the Internet. But there's no shortage of exaggerated claims to fill you with romantic fantasies about tattooed brows. Are these claims true? No one seems to care, and many people think that it is good to have beautiful eyebrows. But to make foggy eyebrows or floating eyebrows, you really have to be very careful. If you don't look good, it will be very troublesome, and you will have to spend a lot of money to wash your eyebrows. If you are less lucky, if your skin becomes inflamed and swollen, or even more serious problems occur, you will often have to spend more time and money to find a doctor to deal with it!

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