Do you want to know about a beauty device that produces instant firming effects on the skin?

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Do you want to know about a beauty device that produces instant firming effects on the skin?

Do you want to know about a beauty device that produces instant firming effects on the skin?

Radio frequency (RF) is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency, which means the electromagnetic frequency that can be radiated into space, and the frequency range is from 300KHz to 300GHz. Radio frequency is referred to as RF radio frequency is radio frequency current, which is an abbreviation of high-frequency alternating electromagnetic waves. The alternating current that changes less than 1,000 times per second is called low-frequency current, and the one that changes more than 10,000 times is called high-frequency current, and radio frequency is such a high-frequency current. High frequency (greater than 10K); radio frequency (300K-300G) is the higher frequency band of high frequency; microwave frequency band (300M-300G) is the higher frequency band of radio frequency. It's too professional and tiring to watch. Everyone knows about microwave ovens. Microwaves that can be used to heat food are electromagnetic waves. There is also FM radio, the radio waves used are also electromagnetic waves. In addition, the sunlight and lights we see every day also belong to electromagnetic waves, that is to say, radio frequency and sunlight, lights, radio waves, microwaves, etc. are all in the same category.

Then, some people may be curious, why does radio frequency energy have an effect on the skin? The accurate statement is: Electromagnetic waves have an impact on our human body. For example, ultraviolet rays can make us sunburn and tan, and can also be absorbed by the skin to synthesize vitamin D.

So, what effect does the radio frequency of this radio frequency beauty instrument exert on the human body, and what beauty effect can it play?

Micro-motion radio frequency needle-free water photometer

2 principles
Radio frequency penetrates the epidermis to the deep tissue, generates heat energy through electric friction, and produces a series of skin changes. Its main cosmetic improvements are as follows:
1) The action of heating causes collagen to shorten.
2) Activation increases collagen production.
3) Heating subcutaneous fat to promote fat decomposition.
4) Heat can promote lymphatic circulation.

1) Heat to shorten the collagen
Is it difficult to understand? What we usually hear is "expansion with heat and contraction with cold". Why does collagen shorten after heating?

This is the characteristic of collagen: a temperature above 60 degrees will cause collagen to shrink. What does collagen shrinkage do to the skin? That will have a big impact, it will tighten the skin! This is calledTightens the skin and relieves wrinkles.

Of course, if you think about it carefully, there are also shortcomings. Isn't it scary when the temperature exceeds 60 degrees? The temperature of our human body is about 37 degrees, not to mention 60 degrees, the temperature of 40 degrees is already terrible, we call it a fever.

2) Heat action, increase collagen production
Who told you that when the temperature rises, the synthesis of collagen will definitely increase? A simple reasoning shows that this logic does not hold.

If a higher temperature can increase the synthesis of collagen, then why is the temperature of our body not 40 degrees, or 50 degrees, but maintained at 37 degrees?

After millions of years of evolution, natural selection has kept our body temperature at 37 degrees, and it's not good if it's too high or too low. It is true that high temperature can speed up metabolism, but it may not increase collagen synthesis. Whether to generate more collagen is determined by DNA.

Let’s make a summary of the radio frequency beauty instrument: Radio frequency energy heats the dermis, and the collagen shrinks when the temperature is above 60 degrees, thereby producing a tightening effect on the skin, which has an immediate skin tightening effect. If you want to know more about the beauty instrument, you can continue to pay attention Us!

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