How to exfoliate?

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How to exfoliate?

How to exfoliate?

Cutin is the waste of skin dead cells, which has the function of protecting the skin. The cells growing from the base layer will reach the stratum corneum of the skin after 14 days. Healthy cutin The layer can help the skin contain moisture, just like an invisible "protective shield" to help the skin retain moisture. Of course, it also has the effect of destroying the skin. When the accumulation of metabolic keratin is superimposed every day, covering the skin and unable to breathe, metabolize and absorb, it will cause discomfort and grow many small particles. When you pull it with your hands, the particles the size of a grain of rice can fall off. How to get rid of it? Woolen cloth?

1. Brush acid
The horny particles are generally removed by brushing acid, and using some deep cleansing facial cleanser. Cutin particles may be the cause of clogged pores or frequent exposure to wind and sun. It needs to be adjusted by brushing acid cosmetic methods. Usually, salicylic acid is applied on the surface of the skin, which can remove the aging cuticle and stimulate the dermis. Regeneration of elastic fibers.

2. Scrub
Facial scrub is an exfoliating cleansing product, which contains some fine particles, which can massage and clean the facial skin, but pay attention to the frequency of use. In order to avoid thinning of the stratum corneum.

3. Small bubbles
Small air bubbles can usually exfoliate, which is operated by a special solution. Using the principle of fluid mechanics, after combining pressure and solution, the hair follicles, sebum and keratin in the potential skin will be removed. Eliminate, and then absorb/discharge the waste formed in the skin and mucous membranes, and continuously supply moisture to improve and increase the clean, firm, and elastic skin state.

Who can't exfoliate?
If the skin is sensitive and the cuticle is thin, exfoliation is not recommended, otherwise it may cause sensitivity and peeling of the face.

Because the skin itself is already very thin, if you exfoliate frequently, it will aggravate the symptoms of redness and even allergies.

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