What is the freezing point hair removal process like? Are there any side effects? -Beijing Zhenhuime

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What is the freezing point hair removal process like? Are there any side effects? -Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

What is the freezing point hair removal process like? Are there any side effects? -Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Summer is coming, women who love beauty are troubled, and hair removal is also put on the agenda early. Faced with all kinds of hair removal products, many love Beauty people will choose freezing point hair removal, they say that the effect of freezing point hair removal is very good, but do you know the process of freezing point hair removal? Let's understand with the editor below.
What is freezing point hair removal?
is based on selective photothermal effect Theoretically, the hair follicles and hair shafts are rich in melanin. After the melanin absorbs the energy of the laser, the temperature rises, which leads to the destruction of the hair follicles and the stem cells around the hair follicles, and the hair is removed. The surrounding hair-free skin is unaffected.

The process of freezing hair removal
1, Preoperative hair removal
Preoperative hair removal has a common name in the American medical industry: skin preparation. It means using a disposable hair removal knife to shave off all the hair on the arms and body, so that the light wave can remove the hair during the hair removal process. Uprooting. Before skin preparation, please maintain the cleanliness of the hair removal area to ensure the actual effect.
2, Apply gel
SimSun gel has a cooling and refreshing effect. Applying it to the hair removal area can protect the skin to the maximum extent and reduce the discomfort during the hair removal process. There is no fine hair on the inner side of the arm, and an appropriate amount of gel can be applied evenly. During hair removal, the arms will be closely contacted by light waves to achieve the effect of tightening the skin.

3、 Freezing point hair removal
The doctor points the laser gun at the The hair follicles of the beauty are evenly and repeatedly contacted at the depilated area, and the light "surrounds and destroys" the source of sweat. If there is a slight sense of disobedience, it is like being bounced by a rubber band. According to the use of light waves, the area of ​​hair loss and pain are different each time. The area of ​​hair loss in light bath is large and there is no pain; while the area of ​​hair loss in photon is the same as that in light bath, with slight pain, which can be achieved by normal people. Within the acceptable range, the area of ​​freezing point hair removal is very small, and the pain is more obvious than that of money. Of course, this is ordinary freezing point hair removal.

4, Post-operative cleaning
Gently scrape off the gel and rinse with water. After cleansing, moisturize skin quickly and apply sunscreen. One week after hair removal, do not bathe with soap and other alkaline washing and care products.

How is the process of hair removal after knowing the freezing point? In fact, we still have a question: Will freezing point hair removal have side effects? If yes, is it big?

Side effects of freezing point hair removal
1, During the freezing point hair removal treatment, some patients may experience temporary redness or swelling, or even mild skin itching. A few hours after the treatment the redness subsided and the skin returned to normal. The laser does not damage the skin, so no treatment is required. There is almost no discomfort at the freezing point after hair removal, and it will not affect normal life and work. The side effects such as redness or swelling in freezing point hair removal are usually caused by the operation. As long as you choose a regular hospital, the side effects of freezing point hair removal will be reduced a lot, and the price of freezing point hair removal is also very reasonable.

2, The treatment of freezing point hair removal The range is locked in "dark pigment", which is most suitable for people with light skin and dark hair. If the skin is dark, the laser will destroy the pigment of the skin together and turn into white spots and black spots, which often take months to gradually recover. Therefore, People with dark complexions still have to give up .

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