How much do you know about the beauty equipment in beauty salons?-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipmen

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How much do you know about the beauty equipment in beauty salons?-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

How much do you know about the beauty equipment in beauty salons?-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

With the development of science and technology, some traditional beauty methods can no longer meet the needs of customers. Many beauty salons have introduced beauty equipment one after another, and many beauty salons are also hesitating whether to introduce beauty equipment. Today, the editor has sorted out some questions that are often asked about beauty equipment for you, and I will share them with you here!

Question 1: Is beauty equipment safe? Is there any effect?
The safety and effectiveness of instrument cosmetology are related to the selection of instruments and the introduction of beauty salon projects. Please note that in order to give customers a good effect and let customers continue to buy and promote, when choosing to buy or cooperate, we must choose safe, effective and reasonably priced instruments. This kind of instrument may be relatively more expensive than traditional instruments, but we are more willing to explain the price to the end customer, because the price matches the value, and do not explain to the customer why the effect is not good.

Question 2: Do I need to buy beauty equipment by myself?
Beauty salon equipment beauty operation, one is self-owned, that is, purchased by oneself. The other is that the beauty project cooperation is basically cooperation with imported large-scale project equipment, because the equipment is relatively accurate and dense, and requires a professional team to consult and operate with customers, and the focus can be adjusted according to different customers to achieve the best performance. Effect. In addition, imported large-scale equipment is expensive, so it is not recommended to be exclusive to a single store. Because we have to take the rate of return into account when we introduce it. The editor suggests that if it is a large-scale instrument, you can choose to join the cooperative beauty project, the after-sales service is guaranteed, and the effect and response status can be tracked.

Question 3: What are the advantages of instrument cosmetology over manual cosmetology?
Advantages of instrument beauty: First, it can increase profits. Tap into customers; instead, they can leverage potential spending power to improve performance. The high profit is because the performance can be improved relative to the cost itself, and because the technological beauty effect is remarkable and not the effect achieved by the hormone in the product, and it can increase customer trust and dependence.

Question 4: Can customers accept instrument beauty?
To do instrument beauty, it is necessary to open up customers' consumption concepts, destroy customers' consumption habits, reshape consumers' consumption awareness, and strengthen customers' new consumption patterns. When a person's structure is opened, it is difficult to become smaller. Once the customer's consumption mode is turned on, instrument beauty is easily accepted.

Question 5: How can beauty salons use beauty equipment to build a good brand?
For beauty salons, what we need to do is not only service word of mouth, but also effective word of mouth, because only othersWhat people are willing to share can become a brand.

For example, if a person has plastic surgery, she is not particularly willing to share it with others. If the effect of her practice is gradually obvious, natural, and non-invasive, this type of client will actively share it. Doing instrument beauty does not necessarily help beauty salons to become a brand, but the gradual effect of instrument beauty enables customers to become a brand under word of mouth. . The purpose of making a beauty salon a brand is to make the brand a cash cow for the beauty salon and a beauty salon that is passed on by word of mouth.

The editor suggests that when beauty salons introduce beauty equipment, they must choose regular beauty equipment manufacturers, so that some after-sales issues about beauty equipment are guaranteed.

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