Beijing Zhenhuimei teaches you how to operate beauty equipment

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Beijing Zhenhuimei teaches you how to operate beauty equipment

Beijing Zhenhuimei teaches you how to operate beauty equipment

Beauty in the past is not what it used to be. Going to a beauty salon used to wait for the beautician to recommend a lot of beauty products to you, and then start to massage your face. At that time, beauty was very simple, and I didn’t need to master the relevant knowledge of the beauty industry at all, but now it’s different, as people’s requirements for beauty are getting higher and higher, and beauty equipment is common in China, so more and more people I also started to learn beauty-related knowledge at home.

Beauty and skin care is a homework that modern women must go through, but how to get the most out of skin care? The first thing many friends think of is to use beauty equipment, but do you know that if you can’t use beauty equipment well Using an instrument for skin care will not have too obvious effect. In order to let everyone clearly know the skills of using beauty equipment, the following is a detailed answer from the beauty equipment manufacturer-Beijing Xiaobian!

1. Remove eye bags, crow's feet, dark circles
We must pay attention to avoiding the eyeball when operating beauty equipment, because the eyeball is not only our window to see the world, but also the skin near the eyeball is very thin and fragile, so we must pay special attention when doing these items, According to the direction of the orbicularis oculi muscle, gently lift it from the inside to the outside, and slide it gently when sliding down the hand. It takes about 30-40 minutes for both eyes.

2. Operation methods of beauty equipment such as face lifting
Presumably all beauty lovers have an idea to make their skin firm, so that they can look younger, so when we operate this kind of beauty equipment, we must follow the direction of the muscle texture to improve it. For the five beauty lines on the face, just follow these lines 3-5 times.

3. Operation of limbs, body shaping, fat removal and other instruments
Weight loss is of course an essential item in beauty. Many people who are dissatisfied with their body and fail to achieve the effect through exercise and diet will start to choose fat-removing equipment to make their body slimmer and more symmetrical. , then when operating this type of instrument, body sculpture can be performed according to the shape of the limbs. The operation method of the hand tool is to slide up and down, swing left and right, and fold circles, and do it for 40 minutes respectively.

4. Waist, abdomen and back shaping
In the summer, of course, beauty-loving young ladies like to show their small waists, so if you find yourself with a small belly at this time, it is really annoying, so how to use this kind of beauty equipmentWhat about the operation? In fact, the operation is roughly the same. It mainly depends on the part you are targeting. Be careful not to stay in the same place for too long. Generally, 20-30 minutes is enough.

The above points include the main operation methods of home beauty equipment, which are really simple and clear. These are the operation skills of using beauty equipment summed up for us by our beauty equipment manufacturer-Beijing experts, which can help us learn and use beauty equipment. With great help, I can do beauty treatment at home after work, and I don’t need to spend extra money and time to go to beauty salons for care, so the times and technology are constantly changing us.

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