Which brand of hair removal device is good?

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Which brand of hair removal device is good?

Which brand of hair removal device is good?

Opt flash hair removal device is a concept of hair removal device introduced by hair removal device manufacturers after e-light hair removal device and OPT hair removal device. Many customers don't know what kind of instrument opt ​​flash hair removal device is. It is different from traditional OPT What is the difference between the instrument and the e-light instrument? Now, the editor of the hair removal instrument manufacturer will take a look with you.

Opt flash hair removal device, as its name suggests, mainly adopts OPT perfect pulsed light technology, even adopted by many manufacturers It is mainly IPL technology, but it is still called opt flash hair removal device. Compared with the traditional OPT instrument, the OPT flash hair removal instrument adjusts the light emission frequency of the instrument to 10HZ. The traditional OPT instrument only emits light once by pressing the switch, while the strobe instrument can emit light multiple times by pressing the switch. This improves the treatment efficiency to a certain extent, but whether it is a strobe hair removal device or an OPT hair removal device, the number of times the treatment head emits light is limited. Generally speaking, the energy becomes weak after 30,000 times of light emission, which cannot meet the treatment needs. Replace the treatment head. Then the customer may have a question again, will the strobe light emit light so fast, will the life be short?

The working principle of OPT hair removal:

opt photon hair removal uses strong pulsed light with a broad spectrum of 610-1000nm, with a wide range of adjustable pulse widths, so it can quickly remove hair from various ministries of the human body with different colors and depths.

opt skin rejuvenation and freckle removal technology:

Using the principle of selective photothermolysis and stimulation of intense pulsed light, it directly follows the skin surface to achieve the beauty effects of whitening and rejuvenating, removing freckles, removing redness, and removing acne without damaging the skin color.

The principle of opt depigmentation:

Use intense pulsed light to extract and decompose deep skin pigments, use RF video to promote its elimination from lymph, part of it passes through skin metabolismMetabolism excreted by itself.

In fact, although the opt flash hair removal instrument emits light very quickly, the energy of each light emission is relatively weak. Basically, the total energy of 10HZ light emission is not as good as the energy of one light emission of the traditional OPT hair removal instrument. Energy loss is less. It can be said that compared with the opt hair removal device, the light output frequency of the opt flash hair removal device increases, but the therapeutic effect of each light emission is weakened.

So which one is better, opt flash hair removal device or opt device? Xiaobian thinks that the effect of the two is actually similar, even the effect of opt hair removal device Even better, and the speed of the flash instrument is faster. Now many opt hair removal instruments have realized the sliding hair removal technology, and the hair removal speed is already very fast. Therefore, if you choose an OPT instrument, then the traditional OPT instrument is also very good.

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