What is the principle and effect of the so-called radar line carving?

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Many babies have told me that their faces are beginning to show signs of sagging, but they are only in their twenties, so they want to find a good way to solve this problem. then what should we do? Don't worry, babies, the reason for this is because of the pressure of life and environmental factors, and the solution is also very simple, that is, radar line carving!


Many babies don't know what radar line carving is. In fact, this is a beauty device that can help solve sagging faces and obesity, so it is also very popular on the market!

1. What is the principle of radar line carving?

Using the good tissue penetration of mechanical radar waves, it accurately transmits thermal energy of 65 degrees to the SMAS layer of the skin (about 3.5mm~4.5mm), effectively stimulating fibroblasts to divide new cells at a speed of 40 times per second and dissolve them. Facial fat cells, tighten skin contours, repair damaged fibrous tissue, stimulate collagen cell regeneration, and quickly achieve the effect of thin face and firm Q elasticity. At the same time, the precise positioning of radar waves can actively identify fat cells, and reach the depth of the target through a unique probe friction method, so that patients will not feel pain.

2. What is the effect of radar line carving?

Radar line carving is mainly to tighten and improve the entire face and reshape the contour of the face. If the skin has collagen fibers broken and loose due to aging, it can also stimulate the proliferation of collagen, increase the elasticity of the skin, and make the skin Restore the youthful state of tightening and plumpness; don't worry about babies with large pores, radar line carving can also control facial oil, make the pores on the face smaller, and show delicate skin.

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