Eight highlights of the trend of beauty equipment in beauty salons in 2019-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty

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Eight highlights of the trend of beauty equipment in beauty salons in 2019-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Eight highlights of the trend of beauty equipment in beauty salons in 2019-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

In the face of more and more rational beauty lovers, the era of "spending big bucks" in the beauty industry has become a thing of the past. 2019 is likely to be the "dividing line" of the times. Beauty lovers not only pay attention to the beauty of skin and body shape on the surface, but also pay more attention to the overall beauty and "internal adjustment" health. At the same time, the requirements for beauty effects and the functions of beauty equipment have also been greatly improved.

Trend 1: image and color design become a craze< /strong>

At present, the consumption of image and color design is not very high, which is closely related to the cost, concept and professional quality of professionals. However, if women pursue beauty and stop at hairstyles and dresses, they need to start with beautyFrom bright face to figure, from appearance to temperament, the overall aesthetic feeling, therefore, the greater demand of consumers is forming.

The chief expert in China of the international CMB color consulting company said: "Color design is a part of beauty, and many customers who come out of beauty salons and hair salons do not Knowing how to match clothes, handbags, shoes, even with well-maintained skin and great hair doesn’t improve the overall image. So, color and image design will be the third wave of beauty.”

Trend 2: Postpartum restoration is a hot spot

2019 is another baby boom year, and it is also the postpartum maintenance year after last year's baby boom, postpartum recovery and a series of beauty programs for pregnant women. Most popular, such as postpartum abdominal tightening and body shaping, postpartum skin tightening surgery, postpartum breast enhancement, etc. will be the biggest highlights in 19 years.

According to the introduction of domestic plastic surgery, pregnancy makes the abdominal muscles and skin of the puerpera excessively expanded, far beyond the limit of being able to restore a perfect body shape, and postpartum recovery surgery can completely restore the puerpera to normal. Abdominal shape. In addition, this beauty technology, in addition to helping women who have given birth to effectively restore their shape, can also remove fat or muscle relaxation, allowing customers who do not want to diet or exercise to achieve the effect of fast abdominal reduction.< /span>

Trend 3: The popularity of beauty care products and beauty equipment

Most beauty products are for external use. Usually, acne and spots on the face are treated with beauty cream or Remove, but whether it is acne or pigmentation, They are all closely related to the body's own endocrine disorders. In addition to treating the symptoms, beauty is more important to cure the root causes. Merchants are well aware of these situations, so they launch "internal adjustment" beauty products such as health care and beauty machines, meridian recuperation beauty instruments, etc., to achieve more effective beauty effects by regulating endocrine. After all, beauty salon services are judged by their results. [!--分页符--]

At the same time, in order to meet the health needs of beauty consumers, in 2019, beauty manufacturers will extend more health care equipment to health care. Dominance and direction break through the scope of traditional beauty, and focus on the inner healthy beauty under the outer beauty.


Trend 4: Major upgrade of skin cleansing and freckle removal equipment< /span>

The group of people who consume facial cleansing and freckle removal beauty products will always dominate every year. Therefore, it is inevitable to launch new beauty products for facial cleansing and freckle removal every year. In 2019, high-tech skin cleansing and freckle removal are becoming more and more popular, and new technologies and instruments such as plain laser, facial mask laser, and magnetic wave suction freckles have become new highlights. Whether it is consumers or beauty institutions, they not only focus on the spots on the skin surface, but also pay more attention to eradicating the causes of dark spots in depth, and require comprehensive improvement in the durability and safety of freckle removal.

Trend 5: Facial modification continues to be popular

Facial beauty is still 2019This year's focus, double eyelids, big eyes, snub nose, small face" will be more popular this year. According to Meridian Chenglu, a well-known manufacturer of beauty equipment in Guangdong, this year's mandibular angle modification beauty program will be more popular than last year. In addition, lip thickening surgery, chin augmentation surgery, facial wrinkle removal, etc. are also in great demand.

Among them, facial wrinkle removal beauty equipment has entered a period of rapid development, and more and more plastic beauty salons have launched micro-incision wrinkle removal, improving traditional small The effect of incision wrinkle removal is the bottleneck, and the function of the instrument is more perfect.

Trend 6: Men focus on small beauty devices

While women have long dominated beauty products, men's grooming is also emerging. Some international beauty equipment brands of the daily chemical line in the market, such as Kells, etc., have launched a series of men's special beauty equipment. Men have their own skin characteristics. In the past, they could only choose some neutral beauty equipment, but now they have their own products. The big moves of big brands have undoubtedly promoted the consumption of men's beauty salons. It is expected that this year will be a new starting point for the real rise of consumption in men's beauty salons.

In addition, many successful men have serious bags under their eyes due to the pressure of work and life. more. Now the eye bag removal operation does not require surgery and does not rebound, it only needs to be done with one click. Therefore, small men's grooming equipment such as eye bag removal will become a new favorite this year.

Trend 7: TCM beauty is unstoppable

The "quintessence" of Chinese medicine cosmetology has earned enough face for the Chinese people inside and out. With the development of the cosmetology industry, consumers return to nature. In order to meet the demand, more and more attention has been paid to TCM cosmetology projects, and even plastic and cosmetology institutions can't help but set foot in it. Meridian breast enhancement, traditional Chinese medicine to remove freckles and acne, acupuncture to lose weight, etc. will still become a hot spot in consumption in 2019.

Trend Eight: Conceptual Beauty

Some people say that the era of conceptual beauty is over, but this is actually a misunderstanding. The pre-concept era of beauty beauty belongs to the "revolutionary era". Concepts have greatly stimulated the market. The post-concept era is now really here. Although they are both concepts, they are supported by technology and are practically used. They are neither false nor fancy. Most of these masters of concepts are business masters with real sustainable development. In 2019, they will inevitably create more New points of view and new topics.

In addition, in 2019, the beauty industry will also conduct joint marketing around the theme of the global village of "One World, Common Dream", which will Become the biggest concept theme of beauty equipment in 2019.

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