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How much do you know about opt ​​painless hair removal instrument_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

How much do you know about opt ​​painless hair removal instrument_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

How much do you know about opt ​​painless hair removal device
How much do you know about the opt painless hair removal device? Have you ever heard of it? Now I will tell you about it.

The beauty instrument removes acne, the principle of removing acne
This beauty instrument uses short-wave strong light to kill propionibacterium in acne, and uses the combination of red light, infrared light and radio frequency current to reduce the activity of sebaceous glands while eliminating pigmentation and stimulate deep collagen hyperplasia to achieve good treatment. The effect of acne.

The safety of the beauty device
Because the beauty instrument uses IPL and RF compound energy to act at different depths, the treatment does not rely on a single energy, so that the treatment safety is guaranteed

Principle of whitening and rejuvenating skin, removing redness and freckles
Pure IPL technology and combined IPL and RF technology provide two types of device principles: purely using IPL technology, using the principle of selective absorption and pyrolysis of light by hemoglobin and chromophores, to heat up the target tissue without damaging normal skin tissue, especially Under the premise of epidermal tissue, the target tissue is necrotic to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Using IPL and RF combination technology: the selective absorption of strong light by skin tissue causes the difference in impedance between the target tissue and normal skin tissue. In the case of low light energy, the absorption of radio frequency current by the target tissue is strengthened, relying on radio frequency to achieve treatment effect.

In the treatment of epidermal spots, removal of small red blood streaks and whitening and rejuvenation, the beauty equipment uses pure IPL technology and IPL and RF combination technology are all safe, but in the treatment of deep spots and thicker red blood streaks, pure IPL technology is safe The effect is very little under the premise, but the combination technology of IPL and RF is more obviously safe in clinical practice.

The principle of this beauty instrument for wrinkle removal, skin lifting and lifting
The beauty instrument uses IPL and RF combination technology, that is, E-light uses electromagnetic waves and the thermal effect of IPL to provide an ideal temperature rise to stimulate the dermis, work on the entire dermis and connective tissue, stimulate collagen fibers at different depths, and achieve wrinkle removal , face lifting and non-invasive face lift effect.

Because it mainly uses the radio frequency current that penetrates the subcutaneous 15MM to act on the dermis and has a small impact on the epidermis, and the main energy acts on the target tissue, so it is very safe

The permanent hair removal principle of the beauty instrument
E-light hair removal is the latest long-term hair removal technology: the filtered intense pulsed light is easily absorbed by the melanin in the hair and hair follicles and converted into heat energy. The heat energy makes the hair shaft and hair follicles heat up rapidly. When the temperature reaches above 60°C Sometimes it leads to hair division, hair follicle degeneration, dermal papilla destruction, hair growth cell death, and finally the original hair falls off, and new hair growth is delayed, thinned, and faded until it does not grow.

Based on the use of IPL technology, combined with the use of radio frequency energy with a depth of 15mm under the skin, the melanocytes directly acting on the hair follicles absorb more energy, so it is very effective for small, light-colored, even golden, and white hair. Good results.

Therapeutic range of the beauty instrument

1. Hair removal: permanent hair removal, indecent hair (hair in the growth period) all over the body, including fine hair with lighter color.

2. Freckle removal: remove freckles, sun spots, age spots, acne marks, and facial blemishes.

3. Skin rejuvenation: Improve enlarged pores and rough skinRoughness, fine wrinkles, restore skin elasticity.

4. The beauty instrument can treat telangiectasia: red blood streaks, facial flushing.

5. The beauty instrument can improve the dull complexion, make the skin fair and even in color.

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