Beauty equipment manufacturers: Frequently asked questions about radio frequency beauty equipment_Be

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Beauty equipment manufacturers: Frequently asked questions about radio frequency beauty equipment_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Beauty equipment manufacturers: Frequently asked questions about radio frequency beauty equipment_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Among the dazzling array of beauty equipment products, radio frequency beauty equipment is more and more praised by people, but as a beginner who is buying beauty equipment for the first time, it is best to understand the knowledge of radio frequency beauty equipment first, and not blindly follow the crowd to buy. Several frequently asked questions about radio frequency beauty equipment, beauty equipment manufacturer-Beijing will answer them one by one for you.

1. Is there an age limit for using radio frequency beauty equipment? How old can I start using it?

Although in my concept of skin care, age is not the only reference axis, I pay more attention to my own specific skin condition. I have always heard people say that the age of 25 is the dividing line for girls' skin care. I think it is very far away. Until At the beginning of my twenty-fourth year, this sense of crisis came to me, and the footsteps were getting closer and closer. I have to say that for people after the age of twenty-five, between skin care and medical beauty, radio frequency beauty equipment is a better choice. For example, I do my own skin care every day, but I am worried that I will not be able to keep up with the speed of aging despite the continuous upgrade. From this year onwards, medical beauty will gradually do anti-aging projects once or twice a year. The beauty equipment is in hand. There are already many models, and I will do some more intensive care every month according to my own needs. In short, maintenance is a protracted battle, and it cannot be completed overnight. I hope everyone will stay awake, rational, and have enough willpower on the road to beauty. .

It is recommended that after the age of 20, you can choose the beauty equipment that suits you within the range of your financial ability.

2. What is the difference between radio frequency instruments and beauty instruments of other principles?

The functions and principles of some common beauty instruments, radio frequency, microcurrent, import, export, red light, dot matrix.

Both radio frequency and microcurrent focus on the effect of thinning the face, but radio frequency focuses more on the regeneration of collagen, which will make the face firmer on the basis of plumpness. My feeling of microcurrent is to simply enhance the contour, and radio frequency will feel hot when it touches the skin , the micro-current will feel painful when it touches the skin. If both can be tolerated and conditions permit, the combination of the two will work better.

Most of the import and export are combined with skin care products, and the effect of the export application is mainly deep cleansing, which is also a function that I use more.

Red light is mostly used to remove acne. Although I have been exposed to it, I am not an acne-prone skin, so the feeling is not obvious. The dot matrix is ​​also mostly used for acne marks and some skin blemishes. It can improve pigmentation and even skin tone, but the skin epidermis will have Trauma, so I haven't touched it yet.

3. I heard that radio frequency braces cannot be done, is this true?

A2: Yes, the braces are closely attached to the facial skin, and the specific heat capacity of the moisture in the skin is different from that of the metal. Maybe the dermis layer only rises to 52 degrees when you apply it, but the metal may burn to 80 degrees, and there are only burns. problem, no other effects. So if you go to an institution for radio frequency braces, the doctor will also give you a piece of gauze and put it in your mouth. If you do radio frequency at home, don't mess around.

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