What is radar line carving? Is the effect of radar thread carving as good as it says-Beijing Zhenhui

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What is radar line carving? Is the effect of radar thread carving as good as it says-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

What is radar line carving? Is the effect of radar thread carving as good as it says-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Have you seen a beauty instrument called on the screen recently? Whether it is a circle of friends or a real advertisement, you can always see the figure of radar line carving. What is radar line engraving and what is its effect? Is it really as good as advertised? Today's editor talks about the latest radar hotline carving, and whether you need it.

Three points for looks and seven points for beauty! Would you still be so beautiful without Qifen? Why do women have to study beauty? ? Because: old can not be changed, wrinkled can not be ironed. In a lifetime, a person can have thousands of sets of clothes, millions of pieces of money, a good figure, only one pair in a lifetime, and a good skin in a lifetime.

As a woman, one must understand a truth:

1. A pair of lifeless leather shoes needs to be polished, not to mention the face we use to show people every day;

2. Women look old when they take care of themselves, but they look old if they don’t take care of themselves;

3. Pan Hong said in a book: Men are all "bees", and the nature of bees is to pick flowers. If the flowers at home are not bright and dry, the bees will run out and focus on picking wild flowers;

4. Beauty is productive,No matter how much money you have today, others cannot see it, but your image is priceless;

5. The floor of many women's homes is polished brighter than their own faces, but we know that no husband will kiss the floor and the lid of the pot;

6. The image of a woman is the face of her husband and children. I have heard such a short story. A mother went to pick up her child from the kindergarten. Because she was naked, the child actually said that she was our nanny;

7. Japanese and Korean women pay great attention to body and chest management, because they know that after a woman has given birth, there is no way to see below the neck;

8. You can blame your parents for not being pretty before the age of 20, and blame yourself for not being pretty after the age of 20;

9. A successful image is not necessarily very successful, but a failed image will definitely make you a failure;

10. A good image is a business card for a woman forever!

So, let's answer what is radar line engraving next.

is a new type of non-invasive cellulite reduction technology. It currently targets, tightens and dissolves facial muscles and fat layers , a new technology beauty and body system software that can replace face thinning/needling and fat melting/needling, and has obtained multi-national patent certification at this stage. Using the good tissue permeability of mechanical radar waves, the heat energy of 65 degrees is transferred to the SMAS layer of the skin (about 3.5 mm~4.5 mm), effectively stimulating fibroblasts, splitting new cells at a speed of 40 times per second, and dissolving facial fat Cells, tighten the contour of the skin, repair damaged fibrous tissue, stimulate the regeneration of collagen cells, lose weight quickly, and have the effect of tightening Q-bomb. At the same time, the positioning performance of the radar wave actively identifies fat cells, and the unique probe friction operation method directly reaches the target depth, so that the patient does not feel uncomfortable.It hurts.

Range of action of radar line engraving:

For law lines, Chuanzi lines, apple skin, acne face, dark circles under the eyes, dark circles, hormone dermatitis, large pores on the face, fleshy face, pie face, baby fat, cheek fat, double chin, face Ultimate shape.

Exogenous effects: improve eye and coccygeal muscles, calf muscles, Chuanzi muscles, and head muscles, tighten facial relaxation, remove double chins, face-lift, and reshape facial contours.

Endogenous Effects: Addresses issues of cellular aging, lack of vitality, decreased tissue and organ function, skin wrinkles and discoloration.

Radar line engraving advantages:

Advantage 1: Facial Lifting, Reshaping Contours - All-round tightening and lifting of the entire face, including eyes, cheeks, forehead and neck, to improve facial contours.

Advantage 2: Tighten the skin and improve slack—the broken and loose collagen fibers caused by aging can stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the body, increase the collagen content in the skin, improve the elasticity of the skin, and restore the youthful state of tightened skin.

Advantage 3: shrink pores, delicate and moving - control facial oil secretion, perfectly shrink facial pores, so that you can present zero pores and delicate skin.

Advantage 4: DispelRemove wrinkles, smooth skin - effectively remove all kinds of crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, eyebrow wrinkles, lower eyelid wrinkles, pre-auricular wrinkles, lip wrinkles, nasolabial folds, neck wrinkles, and make the skin smooth again.

Advantage 5: Promote metabolism and reverse aging—promote the decomposition of subcutaneous fat and the metabolism of collagen cells, stimulate the spontaneous proliferation and reorganization of elastic fibers, reverse the aging process of collagen cells, and maintain a youthful state.

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