Small bubbles: give your skin a bath-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Small bubbles: give your skin a bath-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Small bubbles: give your skin a bath-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

I believe that many girls must have such worries. I bought so many cosmetics. After putting on makeup, I found that my appearance has dropped sharply. Not only does it not lose my age, but it looks older. The effect of tossing around all morning is not as good as24kAuthentic pure nude makeup.

Skin is not well cared for and no matter how much makeup you wear, you are messing around! Any skin care should pay attention to the principle of "cleansing first and then nourishing". Only after cleansing can the subsequent management of the skin be better absorbed by the skin, otherwise all care is meaningless. Has your skin not felt refreshed for a long time? Don't worry, small bubbles, deep cleansing show a different self!

What are small bubbles?

Adopt nano-scale bubble water, plus vacuum negative pressure principle, to form a vacuum circuit, so that the ultra-fine bubbles and nutrient solution are completely combined, and directly act on the skin through the specially designed spiral suction port , so that the ultra-fine air bubbles contact the skin for a long time to promote peeling. The ultra-fine air bubbles are closely combined with the adsorption effect. Under the condition of safety and painlessness, deep-seated face washing completely eliminates all kinds of residues in the hair follicle-shaped tube, full of hair Mosquitoes and vegetable oil residues, together make the hair follicles full of nutrients, provide long-term nutrition for the skin, and make the skin moist.fine and glossy.

What are the advantages of small bubbles?

1. It can remove all kinds of skin waste and restore the healthy color of the skin

in a safe and painless Under normal conditions, it can remove deep cleansing, aging keratinocytes, sebum removal, various impurities in the infundibulum of hair follicles, mites and oily residues.

2. Promote microcirculation, rejuvenate the skin

While increasing the oxygen content of skin capillaries and promoting skin blood circulation, the active oxygen released by the small bubbles will have a free radical effect on the skin, Prevents skin aging.

3. Double the effect of deep skin care and skin care

Dragging pores, effective nutrition can be directly given to the deep skin, helping the skin to recover, moisturize and elastic. It is the best golden partner before and after treatment of high-end skin beautification items such as water injection, laser freckle removal, and hyaluronic acid.

Small bubbles are suitable for the crowd

1. Wear makeup for a long time and face computer crowds for a long time.

2. Large pores, clogged, thick cuticle.

3. Skin problems such as blackheads and pigmentation.

4. Excessive oil secretion(Glossy face), whiteheads and blackheads, large pores, fine lines, uneven skin tone, etc.; Sensitive skin and mild to moderate acne skin.

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