The necessity for beauty salons to purchase deep cleaning beauty equipment!

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The necessity for beauty salons to purchase deep cleaning beauty equipment!

The necessity for beauty salons to purchase deep cleaning beauty equipment!

We all want to have a clean face, but in this day of environmental pollution and severe smog, it is inevitable that some dirt will appear in the pores of the skin. However, ordinary people clean their pores at home, and the effect is always not so ideal, so how does beauty clean pores?

Beauty parlors will also use some methods we use at home to clean pores, and of course they will also use some instruments-deep cleansing beauty instruments. Let's take a look at the deep cleaning beauty equipment used in beauty salons.


There are many cleansing and beauty devices popular in the beauty device market, but they all use different principles, all of which are exfoliating, cleaning pores, deep moisturizing and locking water, making our skin cleaner, fuller and younger. .

The German magic skin water carving beauty instrument is a needle-free water light, mechanical wave introduction, radio frequency heating, hydrating, moisturizing, anti-aging facial beauty instrument, using the principle of magnetic energy rotating high-pressure jet, relying on high-speed operation to promote hyaluronic acid and freeze-dried powder For beauty products such as stock solution, the product is injected into the basal layer of the skin about 0.1mm~0.15mm directly in the way of ultra-fine, ultra-high-speed, and straight-line spraying without damaging the epidermal cells. It is truly zero-trauma, comfortable and painless, and avoids the pain and edema caused by injection. It is a non-invasive new multifunctional needle-free water light that can really replace injection.

Efficacy of German magic skin water carving beauty equipment:

1. Introduce essence: mechanical wave introduces essence, such as hyaluronic acid, freeze-dried powder liquid, and smear-type water light, so that skin care products can be quickly purified to human skin to achieve efficient absorption and achieve whitening and rejuvenation.

2. Radio frequency lifting: Radio frequency heating, thermal coagulation, opening pores, assisting absorption, reducing wrinkles, lifting and firming, significantly improving eye wrinkles, diluting stretch marks and other wrinkles, and lifting sagging face and neck.

3. Electroporation micro-electricity introduction, lifting and firming, reducing wrinkles, V-face rejuvenation and moisturizing effect.

4. Water magic needle-free water light, moist and translucent doubled. The moisture content of the skin is increased, catching up with the watery feeling of Girls' Generation, and the skin elasticity is increased.

5. Accelerated detoxification and metabolism: nutrients are absorbed, the skin expels harmful toxins faster, and erythema and pigment are faded.

6. Fairness and radiance: After the metabolism of toxins is accelerated, the degree of whiteness and gloss will be significantly improved, lasting moisturizing, nourishing the skin, whitening and rejuvenating the skin.

7. Cultivation of delicate and beautiful skin: the magic skin water carving instrument can regenerate cells, accelerate metabolism, complete collagen reorganization, firm,Smooth, elastic skin is within reach.

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