Beauty Instrument Company_Principle of Small Bubble Beauty Instrument_How much is it once?

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Beauty Instrument Company_Principle of Small Bubble Beauty Instrument_How much is it once?

Beauty Instrument Company_Principle of Small Bubble Beauty Instrument_How much is it once?

We often hear the name of small bubbles. People who often go to beauty salons or pay attention to beauty must know that this is a beauty product, but there are still many people who do not understand the efficacy and principle of small bubbles. Today we will introduce about beauty products. The price of courtyard small bubbles and its functional principle.

How much is a small bubble beauty session

In some mid-range beauty salons, the price of small bubble cleaning is generally around 200-300 yuan, while in some higher-end skin management centers, the price of small bubble treatment may be as high as 500-1000 yuan. Of course, if the way of applying for a card is adopted, the price will generally be much lower, and consumers can choose according to their own needs. There are also online sellers who use small bubble beauty instruments. If you think it is too expensive outside, you can buy a beauty instrument and make it at home.

How often do small bubble beauty treatments

To make small air bubbles, you must follow an appropriate frequency. If you do it too frequently, it will actually damage the skin.

How often to do small bubble beauty treatment generally depends on the nature of your skin. For example, MM with oily skin has a thicker stratum corneum, so you can do it every 15-20 days; MM with normal and dry skin has relatively dry skin. , the oil secretion will not be as much as oily skin, so it can be done once every 20 days to a month; MM with sensitive skin has a thinner stratum corneum, and the skin is relatively fragile, and small air bubbles will actually cause certain damage to the skin barrier. So it can only be done every 1.5-2 months.

The principle of small bubbles

Small bubbles use ultra-fine water flow and air flow, vacuum negative pressure, water circulation principle, and cooperate with three-stage special solution operation to penetrate deep into pores to remove accumulated dirt, old dead skin cells and excess sebum secretion.

The vacuum circuit is formed by the vacuum negative pressure of the instrument to fully combine the ultra-micro bubbles and the nutrient solution, and the special spiral suction head directly acts on the skin to promote the peeling effect.

In a safe and painless situation, open the funnel of the hair follicle to remove waste from the skin's keratin metabolism, and at the same time provide sufficient nutrition for the skin to shrink the pores, promote the absorption of subsequent nutrients, and thoroughly clean without causing the pores to expand.

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