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Beauty is not natural—black technology "RF" beauty instrument-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Beauty is not natural—black technology

When it comes to the most popular home beauty devices, most people will blurt out a few Japanese and Korean brands (gold stick, roller, hydrogen oxygen small bubbles, LED mask, etc.). In fact, there are many kinds of home beauty devices on the market. Most of the Japanese and Korean brands use the principle of micro-current, which can instantly slim the face. But if we want to talk about the essence of skin improvement, we must mention the black technology of beauty treatment--.

RF beauty instrument is not a pseudo-technology

Radio frequency (RF) is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency, which means the electromagnetic frequency that can be radiated into space, and the frequency range is from 300KHz to 30GHz.

"Radio frequency" is actually an electromagnetic wave. Speaking of electromagnetic waves, does the guest officer feel strange, or even a little bit afraid? -- carcinogenic! In fact, all the visible light that we can see normally, as well as the invisible infrared, ultraviolet, and microwave, all belong to electromagnetic waves. It's just that with different frequencies, electromagnetic waves will exhibit completely different properties.

The electromagnetic waves will make everyone have unsafe associations, probably because some high-frequency electromagnetic waves (such as X-rays) will indeed cause harm to the human body if they are exposed to excessive amounts. If the concept of electromagnetic waves is not particularly clear, it may be confusing.

So why can radio frequency beautify, achieve the effects of lifting and firming, acne removal, whitening and freckle removal?

In the beauty instrument, the radio frequency will output energy in the form of electric current, which can reach the deep layer of the dermis and produce a thermal effect, which will first cause the collagen fibers to shrink and denature immediately and increase in diameter—visually, this is the skin from relaxation. The process of tightening! Therefore, many people find that after using the radio frequency beauty instrument, it has the effect of slimming the face. That's right, because the collagen is tightened, your face looks smaller.

In addition to this immediate effect, the radiofrequency energy also has a subsequent effect: a wound-healing reaction then takes place in the deep subcutaneous tissue area, leading to collagen regeneration and elastin synthesis. Collagen regeneration? Bragging? Not bragging, it's true. You think, the collagen on your face is dead, then the body must regenerate collagen to maintain normal skin elasticity, soThe real principle of the radio frequency beauty instrument is "the old ones don't go away, the new ones don't come in", so if you keep using it, your skin will produce new collagen, and reverse growth may not be a dream, girls.

In addition, radio frequency energy can also promote the secretion of lipase and the metabolism of fat cells, so some slimming instruments for weight loss use radio frequency technology.

Are radio frequency beauty devices safe?

As a beauty tool, safety must be the first concern of consumers, and no one wants to be more "integrated" and uglier. In fact, although radio frequency technology has the word "radiation", it is not radioactive. Furthermore, existence is reasonable. The beauty equipment of the beauty salon line has been using radio frequency technology for many years. In the early years, most of them were unipolar radio frequency, and many studies are also tracking its effects and risks. But generally speaking, except for some transient adverse reactions such as edema and erythema, there is basically no other greater risk.

And this is just the research result of the unipolar radio frequency beauty instrument used in beauty salons. In fact, the energy of home beauty instruments is much lower than that of beauty salons, and they are all bipolar or multipolar radio frequency.It is safer than unipolar, and the adverse reactions it can cause will naturally be discounted.

In addition, When used, it is generally necessary to use a special gel. On the one hand, it helps to conduct electricity, so that the radio frequency energy can reach the dermis effectively;

Miscellaneous problems with sensitive skin

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

It can be used. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to use it with hyaluronic acid stock solution. The k8 radio frequency hydration program in the hospital can also be done at home.

Can it be used during pregnancy?

In principle, it has almost no effect on breastfeeding; but in terms of humanization, it is officially recommended not to use it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Can it be used during the period of acne marks?

It is ok during the acne mark period, and if you keep using it, you can avoid the dermis caused by long-term inflammationDamage, but if your acne is in the outbreak period, don't use it.

Will it bounce back? Are there any dependencies?

This question should be answered in this way, if you use it, it will delay the formation of wrinkles; if you don’t use it, it is normal aging, and you will grow old sooner or later, and fairies can do what they can.

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