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Beijing Freckle Removing Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd. makes the skin instantly better_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Freckle Removing Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd. makes the skin instantly better_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Eight women have seven freckles, seven have freckles and six annoyances. Now the goddesses are using ultra-picosecond beauty to remove freckles!Ferrari!

The ultra-picosecond photoshock effect is 181 times that of traditional lasers, with a unique 300ps-450ps ultra-fast pulse, which can minimize thermal damage and at the same time Melanin becomes dust state, which can be metabolized quickly and take effect faster. Only the American genuine super picosecond has unparalleled three wavelengths of 532nm, 785nm, and 1064nm, which can penetrate into different skin layers, play a role in skin rejuvenation, brightening, and promote collagen regeneration.

The beauty instrument projects full light spots, the energy of the dot matrix is ​​uniform, the thermal damage is less, the treatment comfort is greatly improved, the side effects are less, the recovery period is short, and the spots are destroyed Strong, can remove difficult to remove small particles of pigment. The holographic focusing technology penetrates deep into the dermal tissue to form LIBO (cavitation effect), which perfectly removes pigmentation and at the same time generates new collagen and elastic fibers through the skin healing mechanism.

PicoWay is a new type of laser beauty instrument from Israel, which is unique in that it transmits ultrashort pulses to the target tissue instantly, Crush target pigment clumps through photoacoustic action to form fine particles, which can be metabolized out of the body more safely and effectively. In short, super picosecond is a favorite of many stars, popular all over the world, and the first choice for millions of people to beautify their skin.

The holographic diffraction and dot-matrix technology of the beauty instrument make the energy evenly act on each melanin, penetrate deeply into the dermal tissue, and form LIBO (vacuole Effect), and then stimulate the new generation of collagen, remove all spots, 360-degree firm skin, brighten the complexion

10 minutes after being irradiated by the Focus spot of the ultra-picosecond skin cleansing laser, it shows that a vacuole (LIOB) is formed between the epidermis. Pigment chromosomes show that vacuoles enclosing cellular debris (melanosomes) lie between this epidermis without any thermal damage to the subcutaneous tissue. In the early years, the technique of eyebrow tattooing was not good, and friends who could not get rid of ugly tattoos could try the second-generation super picosecond laser.

PicoWay's 375 picosecond pulse time is shorter and producesThe optical shock effect is more, and the optical shock energy effect is 180 times that of traditional lasers. The advantage of more optical shock effects is that it causes less thermal damage and greatly improves the comfort of treatment. PicoWay has a shorter pulse width, and the shorter the pulse width, the stronger the instantaneous energy, so it can break down the pigment particles into smaller ones, effectively destroy melanin, and directly shorten the treatment time and frequency.

The tenet of Beijing Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.: a complete beauty equipment service provider, an efficient beauty equipment service provider, and a high-quality beauty equipment service provider. High-quality experience service allows customers to decide their own ideas after they really feel the effect. It is our eternal pursuit to make each of our guests truly benefit.

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