Principle of OPT multifunctional beauty instrument_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Principle of OPT multifunctional beauty instrument_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Principle of OPT multifunctional beauty instrument_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Integrates the popular YAG laser, OPT, fast Flash (SHR), RF, E-light, black face doll six popular beauty equipment functions in one. Thesebeauty instruments are available To: high-speed permanent hair removal, blackhead removal, freckle removal, skin rejuvenation, whitening, redness removal, yellow removal, pore shrinkage, acne marks removal, firming and plasticity enhancement, black face doll, eyebrow washing, tattoo removal, wrinkle removal, tattoo removal , mole removal, birthmark removal, etc., until now, this is a relatively advanced photoelectric technology beauty in the laser beauty industry. Today, the beauty equipment manufacturer - Beijing Xiaobian, will briefly explain this high-end !

OPT multifunctional beauty instrument principle:
Selective absorption of light + strong heat of light

Multi-wavelength, strong pulse, wide spectrum, quantized and decomposed color light will form light quanta, after irradiating the skin with quantified and decomposed photon, it can reach All layers of the skin, break down abnormal pigment cells; destroy hair follicles; close abnormal blood vessels; stimulate collagen at the same timeHyperplasia, elastic fiber rearrangement, so as to achieve the effect of freckle removal, ER nano-light hair removal, redness removal, whitening and skin rejuvenation. Freckle removal, relying on metabolism to take abnormal pigments out of the body.

OPT multi-functionbeauty equipment function: < br /> Wrinkle removal - effectively eliminate and relieve wrinkles of different degrees such as eyes and forehead
Skin rejuvenation - shrink pores, improve skin texture, increase skin elasticity
Skin Firming——Improve the elasticity of the skin and increase the smoothness of the skin
Whitening——remove freckles, age spots, acne, etc., decompose melanin, and make skin fair
OPT multi-functionbeauty equipment post-operation care
1. Sunscreen,Enhance hydration
2. There are knots or blisters so that they are waterproof,
3. If there is redness and swelling, try to cool down the skin temperature. You can use cold spray, ice compress, etc.

4. Eat less photosensitive foods, such as: leeks, celery, soy sauce, papaya, etc.

Using OPT multifunctional beauty equipment precautions
1. Pay attention to sun protection: patients should use sunscreen and sunscreen within one month after surgery. It is recommended to take an umbrella and wear a sun hat when going out , take adequate sun protection measures. After all, sun exposure will increase the rate of melanin regeneration, resulting in hyperpigmentation.
2. Makeup: Under normal circumstances, do not make up immediately after surgery, in order to achieve better results. It is best not to use chemical agents in the cosmetics used a few days after the operation, and to use biological skin care products, and it is not advisable to use powdery cosmetics.

Technical advantages:
Safe and non-invasive: non-invasive technology, no pain, no adverse reactions and side effects
Remarkable curative effect: whitening, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, shrinking pores, anti-aging, effective at the same time,continuous It takes a long time and the effect is obvious.
Easy to use: easy to operate, no need for repeated training;

Cost-effective: Compared with injection and plastic surgery, the effect is better and there is no worry, no risk, and it is easier for users to accept;

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