755 Honeycomb Picosecond Freckle Removing Beauty Instrument Main Treatment Parameters-Beijing Zhenhu

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755 Honeycomb Picosecond Freckle Removing Beauty Instrument Main Treatment Parameters-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

755 Honeycomb Picosecond Freckle Removing Beauty Instrument Main Treatment Parameters-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

755 Honeycomb Picosecond Freckle Removal Beauty Instrument is a very fashionable beauty device nowadays, which integrates laser hair removal, whitening and rejuvenating skin, freckle removal, and redness removal , treatment of acne and other intelligence and integration, cost-effective, economical and practical; while widely used, it has won praise and trust from many customers; if a customer asks you how to adjust the energy and parameters of the 755 Honeycomb Picosecond Freckle Removing Beauty Instrument, Are the relative energies and parameters different for different treatment items?

1. Hair removal
There is a slightly stronger pain, and the mouth of the hair follicle is slightly reddened, accompanied by a slightly burning smell. Be cautious when operating arm, lip, and leg hair to avoid spot pigmentation due to high energy. According to the growth cycle and parameters of the hair, set it about three to four times to achieve the effect of hair loss. Hair has three growth cycles. That is to say, only the hairs in the growth phase can be effectively removed during the growth phase-catagen phase-dormant phase. About 10 days after each production, the regenerated hair can be pulled out with tweezers, which is beneficial to hair removal.

2. Whitening and rejuvenating skin, removing yellowness
The recipient should have a mild burning sensation, and the skin will be slightly red, and the redness will fade away in about 10 minutes. The main parameters are step-accumulation: the pulse is spacious, the distance is large, and the kinetic energy is large.

Parameter key points: wide pulse, wide interval, large energy

3. Chloasma, age spots
During multiple treatments, the subject should have obvious pain (within the customer's burden). About 1 minute after the pigmented spots are exposed to strong light, the skin is slightly red, and the redness subsides spontaneously after about 10 minutes (some It is also normal for the redness to last for about 40 minutes), the dotted melanin floats on the skin and gradually metabolizes in 3-7 days, and the chloasma has been cured by 65%-90% for many times, and it can be cured effectively within a course of treatment. .

Main parameters: Adapt to the customer's tolerance, the pulse width is large, the interval is small, and the energy is moderate.

4. Chloasma
During the treatment, there was a slight tingling sensation, the skin was slightly red, and the redness disappeared in about 5 minutes. After the spot of light is applied, the pigment can only be slightly darkened. Generally, the epidermis is not raised. Spot color increases in about 10 days and gradually fades in about 15 days (subcutaneous metabolism). Melasma is prone to hyperpigmentation. Don't rush the treatment, please do it with large parameters. Chloasma can generally be cured with 1-2 courses of treatment, and can also be faded to the desired effect. Generally, the treatment of first-stage chloasma is better (just grown up, not treated).
Key points of parameters: small pulse width, large interval, and small energy.

5. Dermal spots, liver spots
Dermal spots and liver spots are more difficult to do in beauty and body shaping, and the treatment cycle is relatively longer. Photon speckle removal is currently the best way to remove dermal spots and liver spots. Combined with laser surgery, 7-8 times the effect is ideal. First, the pigment is irradiated with small energy of 1064 wavelengths so that it does not bleed. Depending on the situation, light quantum can be used for treatment at that time or after 7 days. During photon therapy, the epidermal pigment can be extracted for the first time, and after that, the subcutaneous catabolism can not be mainly extracted.

Key points of parameters: high pulse width, small interval, moderate energy.

6. Red bloodshot, flushing
For the treatment of red blood streaks, the time interval of laser instrument parameter adjustment is large during flushing, the skin is relaxed, and the treatment is performed with long pulse width. During the operation, the pain accepted by the operator, the skin becomes slightly red, the blood vessels are clear after the operation, and the color becomes thicker. The effect is the best. To ensure that there is no reaction, it can be irradiated repeatedly. The redness can be removed in about 3 to 4 times. Ideal effect, after the effect is satisfactory, you can proceed to the next treatment process to achieve the best effect.

Key points of parameters: long pulse width, long interval, medium energy.

7. Acne marks or pigment marks
The recipient should have obvious pain (within the customer's burden), and there will be redness or aggravation of melanin after more than ten minutes at the melanin mark. After 3-7 days, the melanin mark will gradually dissolve. If the skin metabolism The ability is good, but after repeated treatments, there can only be obvious effects or disappear repeatedly.

Parameter points: wide pulse, small interval, large energy.

8. Wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles
The recipient of the laser beauty instrument treatment will have a slight tingling and heat sensation, but no redness. Repeat the irradiation about 3 times, and the effect is very obvious once. Dark circles are gone, as are fake wrinkles. The effect is stable 4 times. Regular care can delay aging.

Key points of parameters: small pulse width, large interval, and moderate energy.

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