Intelligence blows the beauty industry, Zhenhuimei sets off an upsurge in customizing detectors-Beij

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Intelligence blows the beauty industry, Zhenhuimei sets off an upsurge in customizing detectors-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Instrument Manufacturer

Intelligence blows the beauty industry, Zhenhuimei sets off an upsurge in customizing detectors-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Instrument Manufacturer

Beauty equipment, a new toy for female consumers all over the world. Nowadays, skin care requirements are becoming more and more diversified. Whether it is washing the face, applying cream or make-up, it is far from enough to rely on hands alone. Using the high technology of beauty equipment to make skin care more effective with less effort is the beautiful life of skin care that customers yearn for. The released by Beijing beauty equipment manufacturer in 2019 shocked China's beauty industry with its powerful functions of intelligent AI and customized detection. The body shaping market is launching a new era of intelligent testing.

Statistical data from market research institutes show that in the past two years, the compound annual growth rates of testing products and personal care products in China have reached 11% and 8%. It is estimated that by 2020, sales in the product field of skin testing alone will increase from 2.24 billion yuan last year to 8.26 billion yuan.

The research and development team frankly said that a larger market means greater potential for brand development, which brings about a greater severe test. As long as the beauty device products required by Chinese female consumers are put into practice, it will be able to stand firm in the high-speed development period and win praise.

▲ 3D smart skin detector

So what are the creative features compared to other beauty testing products on the market?

It is nothing new to connect living appliances to AI. Making intelligence serve a better life is the ultimate goal of the development of science and technology. Li Su Zhimeiyi redefines the skin care philosophy of lazy people. Skin care products don't need bottles and cans, but just hold them in your hands. A strong data team provides powerful data technology to the tester so that it can help users intelligently manage skin care. The 3D intelligent detector is intelligently synchronized with the app software, and the 15 million resolution detector can import and upgrade skin statistics in real time, analyze cloud space, and intelligently customize skin care plans.

In order to meet the lazy and beautiful needs of modern women, the 3D smart detector can provide users with smart functions such as skin care tracking, skin care strategies, menstrual radio, etc. . Be smart and don't mess with skin care.

More personality
Just as "There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand readers", there are a thousand skin states in a thousand consumers. Even though they are all Chinese, everyone's skin condition is very different. A beauty instrument without a customization function cannot be applied to all users.

After years of accumulation, I have mastered a lot of skin data, and developed more than 3,000 skin care formula combinations on this basis, making the design highly personalized skin care regimen possible. According to the user's skin characteristics, the most suitable solution can be selected for her in the database, and specially customized skin care programs, which are more targeted and get twice the result with half the effort.

More reliable
As a professional beauty equipment manufacturer, it has been accumulating skin big data. The artificial intelligence skin care detection system carried by the 3D smart detector is realized on the basis of a large amount of skin data and formula data, which can provide every woman with a more convenient and pleasant daily skin care experience.

In terms of product quality, it has more than 3,000 core combination formulas, and has cooperated with Taiwan Bio-Nest Biochemical Technology, Taichung Providence University, Kaohsiung In cooperation with the School of Medicine, production and quality standards are strictly controlled. A unique skincare experience at your fingertips.

More Love
Understanding the deep social needs of female consumers. In addition to creating high-end products with strong technological strength, it is doing its best to create a community full of warmth and friendly atmosphere, advocating Nordic life aesthetics, and allowing users to seamlessly share and communicate their own skin care and beauty experience.

So far, online and online life salons have been organized in many fields such as skin care, fashion, life, etc., to live a happy life for everyone in modern women Infected and encouraged by living.

The development of the beauty equipment industry has formed relatively stable functions and cultivated fans. But products centered around smart, customized skin care regimens are still blank. Breaking through the inherent thinking of traditional skin care, using intelligent AI to provide new functions for beauty meters, satisfying female consumers, improving the traditional skin care With logical thinking, intelligent Ai grants the tester a new and upgraded function, and considers the personalized requirements of female customers for customized skin care.

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