Have you learned how to use the eye beauty instrument correctly?

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Have you learned how to use the eye beauty instrument correctly?

Have you learned how to use the eye beauty instrument correctly?

Eye care has always been a beauty challenge that is difficult to overcome. Not only is it difficult to choose an eye cream that suits you, but even if you find the right one, can you just apply it casually? The answer is of course NO. After choosing the eye cream that suits you, you need to use the correct massage technique, and then match it with an eye beauty device, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue, shrink pores, and promote absorption, so that the effect of your eye cream can be brought into full play. Golden Eye Eye Beauty Instrument is a beauty instrument with high-frequency vibration, radio frequency lifting, online introduction of nutrient solution and red light wave care. The deep import function, combined with special skin care products, stimulates the collagen in the deep layer of the skin to increase soft tissue reconstruction, and the skin can be regenerated to achieve skin beautification and anti-aging effects; radio frequency lifting, heating of the skin and muscle bottom, stimulates collagen recovery, gradually restores skin elasticity, and achieves long-term skin reduction. The purpose of wrinkles; high-frequency vibration further accelerates blood circulation and promotes cell metabolism; red light wave care: 630 nanometer red light has strong penetrability, can penetrate into human tissues, restore human cells, and activate the activity of biological macromolecules.

The correct way to use eye cream

First take an appropriate amount of eye cream on the ring finger, and control the amount according to the texture of the eye cream. Gently spread it evenly, and use your ring finger to lightly tap the skin around the eyes in the direction of the arrow. Note that the amount of eye cream at each point should be as even as possible, and key points such as the corners of the eyes should not be missed.

Then, turn on the heat mode of the eye beauty instrument, open the eye pores, and use the ring finger to lift the curve from the lower eyelid to the upper eyelid. This action needs to be repeated 5 times, and the direction cannot be reversed. It is essential for anti-aging maintenance because it helps to lift and firm the eye skin, effectively preventing sagging.

Use the ring finger to apply on the upper and lower eyelids in turn, and gently apply from the inside to the outside to smooth the skin around the eyes. Apply three to four times to the upper and lower eyelids until the eye cream is fully absorbed into the skin. Attention must be gentle to avoid allergies and redness around the eyes that may be caused by friction. Then turn on the ice compress mode of the eye beauty instrument to shrink pores and promote absorption.

Finally, properly relax the eyes. Gently press the center of the eyebrows with your fingertips to feel the complete relaxation around the eyes. Turn on the micro-shock massage of the eye beauty instrument, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue and restore skin elasticity.

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