What beauty equipment is suitable for the introduction of beauty salons in 2022?

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What beauty equipment is suitable for the introduction of beauty salons in 2022?

What beauty equipment is suitable for the introduction of beauty salons in 2022?

In hot weather, many beauty-loving female friends have begun to show off their long legs and small waists. However, if you want to wear sleeveless, hot pants, and short skirts more confidently, you must naturally not have embarrassing body hair. Therefore, it is also the peak season for hair removal, so what kind of is suitable for beauty salons to introduce at this time?

1. Hair removal device

The advantage of hair removal in summer is that the recovery time is relatively fast, and you can wear skirts or shorts after hair removal to make your body smoother. The hair removal project can be said to be a tool for attracting customers in beauty salons, especially in July and August, it is very popular. With the development of technology, beauty equipment has also been upgraded from a single instrument to the current multi-functional equipment, which not only solves the problem of idle equipment in beauty salons, but also uses multi-functional beauty to expand customers and retain more customers.

The 360 ​​magneto-optical hair removal instrument uses a specially designed DPL crystal to convert the traditional photon spectrum into the yellow-green spectrum, and then uses an ultra-narrow-band filter to filter out the stray spectrum, and outputs 100nm precise light with highly concentrated energy, which is currently more advanced Skin rejuvenation technology is also a new generation of high-end photons in the beauty market.

2. Slimming and shaping instrument
Weight loss has always been regardless of age, regardless of gender, only weight and body shape. In summer, in order to show long legs and small waists, many people choose to lose weight through running and other exercise methods, but this is also easy to fail, after all, persistence depends on self-discipline.

Therefore, many people turn their attention to beauty salons, and now beauty salons generally use weight loss instruments to lose weight. Among them, the air-explosive fat-explosive instrument uses radio frequency heating technology. The powerful radio frequency can instantly heat up the fat layer to 60 degrees, thus detonating the fat. , Strong sound wave drainage technology, up to 3 trillion focused sound waves, make the fatty acid layer released by detonation violently vibrate, and make the fatty acid on the surface drain with Limba.

3. Hydrometer
In hot weather, no matter how hard a girl takes precautions, her skin will always be in close contact with ultraviolet rays. Even if she wears sunscreen, it won't help.
Therefore, the beauty salon's whitening program in summer is definitely popular among young female customers. Therefore, at this time, it is suitable for the beauty salon to introduce some beauty instruments with whitening and moisturizing functions, such as the micro-atomic water light instrument. He uses deep-guided technology to look at the point, position, layer, quantify, and build nutrition at the bottom of the muscle. Collagen thickening, The epidermis is tightly connected, which can improve dullness and melanin, and make the skin bright and white.

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