How to do water light beauty with zero risk!

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How to do water light beauty with zero risk!

How to do water light beauty with zero risk!

Injection of water light requires the use of special injection equipment to inject natural effective substances into the skin, so that the skin can absorb and store more water, and wake up cell regeneration. Improve facial fine lines in a short time, make the skin moist, tender, shiny and translucent, so as to have smooth and translucent skin. This kind of water-light beauty has remarkable effects and quick results, but because it is an injection item, point injection will destroy epidermal cells and may cause inflammation, and requires anesthesia before the operation. It belongs to the category of medical cosmetology. certificate" to operate. Water light injection also has strict requirements on the operating site, and ordinary beauty salon operations are illegal medical practice.

Due to the uncontrollable safety of water light injection and the difficulty of popularization in the beauty industry, this "water light beauty" method has been eliminated by most consumers and beauty salons. With the development of technology, water light beauty" has entered the The era of microcrystals.

What is Microcrystalline Technology?

According to the latest published research results, a painless beauty technology has become popular in some fields (such as the very popular microcrystalline water light), this technology can not only be used in the field of beauty, but also in more demanding medical fields. The same applies (possibility of alternative medical injections being studied). Different from the traditional water light injection, the microcrystalline water light technology is to use a professional operator to import the water light stock solution, and make more than 200,000 microscopic channels in a short period of time, activate the cell repair function, and through the self-healing ability of the skin , promote the proliferation of collagen, and at the same time directly input nutrients into epidermal cells through very small micropores, and its absorption effect is almost 100%.

Microcrystalline water light can perfectly solve different problems encountered by various skin types. It can not only improve facial wrinkles and replenish moisture, but also solve many skin problems such as whitening, dullness, acne marks, and pigmentation in one fell swoop.

Advantages of microcrystalline water light:
Safe and painless: no anesthesia, no redness, no needles, no pain in the whole process, no risk of infection, no postoperative recovery period;
Simple operation: home-style beauty therapy, you can go with it as you go, and the effect is long-lasting and natural;
Efficient and durable: The absorption rate reaches 98%, and it has very good effects on various skin problems.
Legal items: legal beauty items that can be operated by beauty salons without the need for professional physicians.

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