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What is the difference between household beauty equipment and beauty salon beauty equipment_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

What is the difference between household beauty equipment and beauty salon beauty equipment_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Many friends who have done beauty treatment in beauty salons may already be familiar with those professional equipment, such as ultrasound and Thermage, they are already familiar with it. However, for home beauty instruments, little may be known.

To be honest, compared with manual beauty, beauty equipment does have obvious advantages. And are the machines in beauty salons necessarily better than home beauty instruments? Today, I will talk to you about the difference between home beauty instruments and beauty salon beauty instruments.

First of all, let’s put it this way, home portable beauty equipment is actually based on the technology of professional beauty salon beauty equipment.

In Japan, due to the accelerated pace of life, there is no time to go to beauty parlors for beauty treatment. Therefore, for the convenience of home use, find a way to miniaturize the beauty equipment.

And because the users are basically non-professionals, the requirements for safety are higher than those of professional equipment, and they are more convenient and easy to use. Small size, safety, and convenience. The combination of these three requirements increases the difficulty of development. This is also the reason why large-scale beauty equipment has not been miniaturized for a long time after it came out, and the cost is expensive.

However, in recent years, due to the explosion of science and technology and the innovation of beauty storms, these difficulties have been overcome one by one, and the miniaturization of beauty instruments no longer has any problems.

As a result, some technologies of the rapidly updated home beauty instruments are even more advanced. For example, the electrodes of traditional radio frequency beauty instruments that heat the skin only have positive and negative points. If the operation is not standardized, the skin may be overheated.

However, the home beauty instrument finally transformed the electrodes into two loops, and controlled the current stably. This change has multiple effects, not only ensuring safety, but also producing multiple effects such as increasing the heating area, deepening the penetration depth, shortening the reaction time, and lasting the warming effect.

In the case that the actual effect is similar, in fact, the design of the home beauty instrument is more out of safety considerations. Because the operators of professional equipment are trained, they can strictly abide by the operating specifications, so the effect is stable.

However, beauty home appliances are operated by users at home. They are non-professionals, and the operation is not easy to standardize. This is often the main reason for "individual differences" in the use effect.

Let's take a beauty instrument with a technically difficult function such as RF radio frequency as an example. The principle of radio frequency cosmetology at home and in beauty parlors is the same, except that the power used in the beauty parlor is higher, and a professional radio frequency cosmetology is required.It is safe for those who operate the door.

As for the home beauty instrument, because the power is relatively small, it will be very safe, and it does not need a professional to operate it, and it can be operated by itself.

The difference between them is only that, because of the high power of the beauty salon, one treatment can achieve the effect of several home beauty instruments. Therefore, it can be said that as long as the home beauty instrument is used for a long time, the same effect of the beauty salon can be achieved.

Not just RF radio frequency, but also beauty instruments with functions such as ultrasound, EMS microcurrent, red and blue light.

For example, it's like a sophisticated camera and a point-and-shoot camera. Professionals generally choose the more precise one, while ordinary people buy a fool type, which can also take good photos. The only difference is that a professional may be able to take a good picture, but you may take a few more pictures to choose the best one.

Nowadays, the promotional slogan of many home beauty instruments is: "Home beauty instruments bring the beauty salon home". But the feedback from my friends who work in beauty salons is that it is becoming more and more difficult to operate beauty salons now. Some are closed, some have transformed into micro-plastic surgery, and the rest are barely supporting, but the business is in decline.

However, the beauty index of women has greatly increased. In fact, it can also be seen from this that the beauty equipment in beauty salons is not irreplaceable.

The biggest difference between home beauty instruments and beauty salons is actually the price. We know that being a beauty salon is a very profitable industry, except for the huge profits. They also need to buy expensive instruments that cost hundreds of thousands or millions, they need to recruit employees, salespeople need commissions, they need to rent a facade with convenient transportation and high rent...all of these have to be counted on your head.

The home beauty instrument is very simple, one-time investment, long-term use. And because the current industry competition is fierce, the price is already very low.

Judging from the above, in the next few years, household portable beauty instruments will replace beauty salons, and become one of the must-have products for Chinese women in the future, just like lipstick.

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