What are facial skin care devices and detox beauty devices?

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What are facial skin care devices and detox beauty devices?

What are facial skin care devices and detox beauty devices?

Skin care is the basis of beauty programs, which can meet all the basic care needs of everyone, such as deep cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing, etc. What are the facial skin care instruments in beauty salons? The editor brings you a complete set of basic skin care equipment today, so that facial skin care can be done in one step!

A full set of basic skin care equipment, electric wave lift, red and blue light skin beautification instrument, hydrogen anti-oxidation instrument, small bubble cleansing instrument, needle-free water light, water oxygen cleansing instrument, meet the needs of basic facial skin care, and make the skin supple and firm ,Shiny!

9-in-1 small bubble beauty instrument is suitable for the crowd

Features of Viessman small bubble (9th generation) beauty instrument:

1. The powerful functions of the beauty instrument detoxification suction pen, BIO skin-lifting and anti-wrinkle and other additional tools guarantee the curative effect

2. The high-tech combination of water and sample, humanized intelligent operation is more accurate, simple and fast.

3. The powerful combination of water and oxygen regulates and treats skin of different constitutions and ages.

4. The alternating stimulation of oxygen and water flow can effectively avoid epidermal edema.

5. The cooling device with more stable performance is safe and guaranteed.

6. Convenient and quick plug-in connector, more user-friendly.

Efficacy of Viessman small bubble (9th generation) beauty instrument products:

1. Get rid of acne: It is used for acne, seborrheic alopecia, folliculitis, mites removal and skin allergen removal.

2. Improve skin quality: whiten and rejuvenate skin, remove skin melanin, improve dark yellow, and improve skin quality.

3. Deep cleansing: deeply cleans the skin while replenishing moisture to the skin, moisturizing and promoting the metabolism of the skin.

4. Shrink pores: remove blackheads, shrink pores and increase skin transparency, making the skin clearer, more delicate and smooth. Skin Tightening: Skin shaping and firming, shrinking pores and improving double chin.

5. Relieve aging: used for exfoliative skin reconstruction surgery anesthesiaPreoperative and postoperative care called card peeling skin reconstruction surgery, anti-aging.

6. Deep cleansing, promoting metabolism: Deep cleanses the skin while moisturizing. Firming and Brightening: Firms the skin, removes melanin, improves dark yellow, and improves skin quality.

7. Forehead: Dilute forehead lines, enhance forehead skin luster; Eye corners: Improve eye fine lines, micro-spots, dryness; Facial parts: Reshape plump skin, brighten water, shrink pores; Neck part: Improve sagging cheeks , loose skin, dilute neck lines.

The face gives people the first intuitive impression, but the presence of toxins makes the facial skin look dark yellow, dull, and even has problems such as black nose, which greatly reduces the beauty. Facial detoxification beauty instrument, removes facial waste, and restores firmness and luster to the skin. What the editor recommends for you is the ultra-fine bubble facial care device, which can drive away toxins and return to the true nature! Only by expelling skin toxins can we truly have healthy and beautiful skin.

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