Zhenhuimei tells you how to operate the beauty instrument after use?

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Zhenhuimei tells you how to operate the beauty instrument after use?

Zhenhuimei tells you how to operate the beauty instrument after use?

The operation of beauty equipment depends on three points of operation and seven points of maintenance. This sentence really expresses the importance of our article. Good post-operative care of beauty instruments can not only make up for mistakes in the operation process, but also greatly improve the operation effect. This article discusses the postoperative precautions from two aspects of the possible complications and treatment and postoperative care after using cosmetic equipment for cosmetic surgery.

Possible complications and their management:

Persistent redness and swelling: After the fractional laser treatment, the skin will have obvious redness and swelling for about 6 hours or longer. This is a normal phenomenon. You can use non-irritating anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve or eliminate this symptom.

Erythema: Erythema appears on the operation site, which is temporary and usually subsides naturally after a few days.

Hypopigmentation: Loss of pigmentation that resolves naturally over time.

Pigmentation: It is related to the skin type, only a few people occur, and it can be recovered within a few months after the operation of the drug.

Scar: mostly caused by special constitution or improper post-operation care, pulse CO2 operation can be used in the later stage.

Acne and Chestnut Papules: Thermal injury can lead to shock of the sebaceous glands, causing their disintegration and differentiation of the adnexal structures, reforming the disorganized tubular structures. Use non-irritating cosmetics to remove acne on the second day after the operation, and it will disappear in 5-7 days.

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Post-operative care:

Avoid light and sunscreen: The light or sunlight in our daily life can stimulate the skin to produce a large amount of melanin, which makes it easier to produce pigmentation.

Avoid scratching the operative site: During the healing process, the skin will itch constantly due to the inflammatory response. At this time, do not stimulate the operation site with your hands vigorously, so as to prevent the scab from falling off in advance, thereby forming a scar to heal.

Taboos: no smoking, alcohol, spicy food, hair, photosensitive food.

If the patient feels uncomfortable after the operation, he should consult the professional operator in time, and should not make his own claims and deal with it by himself. The operator should instruct the patient on postoperative care, agree on the time for the next operation, and make regular return visits and follow-up. Go here to our three points of beauty precautions for using beauty equipmentAll these aspects have been described and forgotten, and I hope that everyone will operate in the correct method and process in the future.

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