The small bubble beauty instrument allows you to reshape clean and beautiful skin!

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The small bubble beauty instrument allows you to reshape clean and beautiful skin!

The small bubble beauty instrument allows you to reshape clean and beautiful skin!

The small bubble beauty instrument is specially designed for deep skin cleansing. It is a hot Korean skin management device in the beauty market. As one of the basic optoelectronic instruments, the small bubble enjoys the reputation of "skin vacuum cleaner" in the optoelectronic center.

Nowadays, there are a variety of cleaning products on the market, but their efficacy is far from the effect that customers want. Long-term use of too many products will also aggravate problems such as clogged pores and thickened cuticles. Traditional manual methods (such as using acne needles to pick blackheads) can no longer meet the needs of customers for skin cleaning. With the development of science and technology, society has entered the era of automation, and instruments are gradually replacing manual work. For better deep cleansing of the skin, opening of pores, and discharge of skin toxins, the multifunctional hydrogen oxygen small bubble beauty instrument is a great choice. Let's take a look at the advantages of the hydrogen oxygen small bubble beauty instrument.

1. Triple automatic cleaning system

Hydrogen Oxygen Bubble has a very powerful triple automatic cleaning system, which can avoid cross-infection, and is equipped with ABC three cleaning bottles.

Bottle A: Cleans and softens cuticles through a vacuum negative pressure system, combined with lactic acid and yeast extract, softens and removes aged and necrotic cuticles, blackheads, acne, mites and other waste on the surface. Suitable for dry, normal skin.

Bottle B: Contains natural moisturizing factor and salicylic acid, which can remove keratin that clogs pores, sterilize and reduce inflammation, increase the speed of cell regeneration, and soften rough, dry and cracked skin. Suitable for acne, acne, oily skin.

C bottle: Equipped with 75% alcohol or pure water to clean the pipeline with ultra-fine bubbles. Deep moisturizing: vitamin C, vitamin E, aloe vera, green tea extract, vitamin C, have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, reduce acne and blackheads, and restore the skin to a moist and healthy state.

2. Unique spiral suction head

The spiral suction head is used to form a vacuum negative pressure circuit. This kind of vacuum negative pressure circuit can absorb softened cutin, as well as hair follicle mites, inflammation, skin impurities, etc., all of which can be sucked to waste through this spiral suction head. Among the liquid bottles, the waste liquid bottle can be cleaned well once after absorbing. ultra tinyThe bubbles can absorb aging cutin on one side, and fully mix with the nutrient solutions of bottles A and B on the other side to deeply clean the skin, anti-inflammatory and sterilize, and at the same time replenish nutrients for the skin. While cleaning, not only the pores are unblocked, but also the skin’s elasticity is improved. Texture, hydration, clarity.

3. Adjustable negative pressure and water flow

The negative pressure and water flow of hydrogen oxygen small bubbles can be adjusted, so you can choose different sizes of negative pressure and water flow according to different skin types, or according to different skin types

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