Skin care can only be "patted" with hands? Let beauty equipment help you introduce more nu

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Skin care can only be "patted" with hands? Let beauty equipment help you introduce more nutrition

Skin care can only be

Throughout the ages, where there are many women, there are also many controversies and voices. Some time ago, Liu Mintao, Wan Qian, and Han Xue's chorus aroused heated discussions among netizens. Especially Liu Mintao's expression has aroused everyone's discussion on the hot search. Although everyone is discussing how "out of control" Liu Mintao's expression is, I focus on the appearance of the three beauties, especially Han Xue's skin is really good. Under the high-definition lens, others are a little oily or have a dull complexion, but Han Xue is still as white as a pearl.

beauty equipment 

What is Han Xue's skin care secret? In the interview, she herself said that she would not even go to a beauty salon.

But it will use some small instruments to care for the skin. No wonder the skin is still so good at 37 years old.

So your skin care can only be "patted" with your hands? Be careful with swollen face! Now many celebrities are using beauty instruments to help introduce more nutrients and take care of their skin.

Moreover, the use of beauty instruments has crossed the age limit. The young Xiaohuazhong Lin Yun is a loyal fan of various beauty instruments.

As a woman who married into a rich family, Huang Shengyi also likes to use beauty equipment to care for her skin.

We ordinary people certainly cannot buy various styles of beauty equipment as we like stars. If you want to buy it, you have to buy a beauty instrument with a relatively reliable price-performance ratio.

Post-95 Zhao Lusi uses a beauty device that has relatively complete functions but is also very affordable.

beauty equipment

So I also bought this beauty instrument to see what its basic functions are.

Iontophoresis, clear skin:

This is the basic function of a beauty instrument, but many people may not understand how incompletely you usually wash your face. After washing my face, I also used a beauty instrument to clean up so much garbage. No wonder my pores are so big and my face tends to be oily.

This beauty instrument uses ion import and export to clean the skin, and it can also clean the skin a second time.

Dual light frequency, anti-acne and wrinkle lifting:

The blue light mode is to assist in sterilization and acne removal. A few minutes of irradiation every day can kill mites that may be left on the face.

Red light can lift eye lines and nasolabial folds, and when used as a mask, it can also have a double effect, moisturizing and lifting at the same time.

Do you still get skin peeling after applying a mask every day? It's time to introduce it with a beauty instrument, and the absorption effect is better. Using a beauty instrument to apply a mask can double the essence of the mask into the skin, so you don't have to worry about skin peeling when the season changes.

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