Is laser spot removal harmful to the skin?

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Is laser spot removal harmful to the skin?

Is laser spot removal harmful to the skin?

Today, with the rapid development of technology and information, many things that the public has not been exposed to are gradually emerging. However, most of them just appear in people's sight. It is still difficult to gain the real trust of consumers. ! Let’s take laser freckle removal, which is very popular in the beauty industry, as an example!

People often worry about freckles on their body, but in fact, laser freckle removal is a good way to treat freckles, so is laser freckle removal harmful to the skin? Many consumers who want to remove freckles have heard that the more recognized method of freckle removal is laser. After removing freckles, I was afraid that this method would harm the skin, so I was a little worried. In fact, many plastic surgery experts have introduced that laser freckle removal is not harmful to the skin, and some have skin rejuvenation effects.

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Is laser freckle removal harmful to the skin? Experts point out that the principle of laser freckle removal is that the laser device produces a high-intensity beam of light, and different types of lasers can produce light of different colors. The color of the laser is the key to the treatment. Lasers of different colors are absorbed by the skin of different colors, and the laser energy is used to disintegrate and vaporize the dye particles, seal the blood vessels, and then the body absorbs the dye particles to remove them from the body, and the pigment fades. Because laser light of a certain wavelength is only absorbed by the pigment of the corresponding color. Only diseased cells absorb specific laser light, while normal skin tissue is not damaged, so laser freckle removal will not damage the skin. Advanced laser technology can also control the skin depth reached by the laser, and the adjustable pulse can minimize the damage to the skin.

Currently the most reputable beauty equipment nest picosecond laser freckle , skin A second laser is a laser in which the pulse duration (pulse width) emitted by each laser reaches the picosecond level. The "principle of selective photothermolysis" laid the foundation for the application of laser in cosmetic skin surgery. Picosecond laser is one of the best. It replaces the deficiencies of traditional freckle-removing instruments, and directly shatters melanin through powerful and fast energy, and the freckle-removing effect is remarkable. Picosecond-level lasers hardly produce photothermal effects during operation, and the shorter the pulse width, the less likely the energy absorbed and accumulated in the target tissue will flow to the surroundings.The effect on the target tissue will be stronger if it spreads to the surrounding tissue. While ensuring its excellent performance of blasting pigment particles, the number of operations is shortened, better curative effect is produced, and the effect is safer. For those who seek beauty, the effect is remarkable, there is no trauma, no recovery period, and it does not affect work or daily life.

Through the introduction of "whether laser freckle removal is harmful to the skin" by experts from beauty equipment manufacturers, we can easily find that laser freckle removal is not harmful to the skin. Finally, we must also remind consumers who want to do laser freckle removal: laser freckle removal must choose a regular professional beauty hospital to avoid unnecessary harm.

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