Small hydrogen and oxygen bubbles make your face no longer "dirty"

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Small hydrogen and oxygen bubbles make your face no longer "dirty"

Small hydrogen and oxygen bubbles make your face no longer

We all know that skin care is a long-term battle, which requires daily cleansing, hydration, whitening, sun protection, anti-aging...Although it may not be effective, but skin care is a must! If there is a way: make you look radiant quickly, reduce the melanin in the skin, peel off the old outer layer of skin, and make your skin look like a lychee that has been peeled off the shell~ and lie down without injections, medicines, addictions, etc. Just enjoy~

In this era of technological skin beauty, as long as you think about it, you can do it! There are more and more skin problems encountered, and we have more and more countermeasures, hydrogen and oxygen small bubbles can meet your needs!

Number one: Improper skin cleansing can lead to dry skin and clogged pores
If you want your skin to be white, clean, translucent, and moist, the first step is to keep your skin clean. Faced with computer radiation, air pollution, and long-term accumulation of toxins every day, it is futile to replenish more water. So if you want to let the skin drink enough water, let the pores open, so that all the toxins and garbage inside can be discharged.

Second: How can we better clean our skin?

Open the pores, let the skin drink enough water, the small bubbles clean deeply, go deep into the pores, take away the metabolites in the pores, and transport nutrients into the skin~

Third: how often to make small bubbles

Dry skin is relatively dry and lacks moisture. If you use small bubbles once a week, the effect will be very good. Make dry skin full of water, make skin moist, delicate and shiny.
Oily skin needs regular cleaning, twice a week is the best, and the rest of the time can be used for moisturizing and whitening, too much cleaning will make it difficult to remove blackheads, and the skin also needs water and oil balance, so once every three days, just Removes excess oil instead of washing it all off.

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