Small bubble beauty instrument deep cleansing treatment process

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Small bubble beauty instrument deep cleansing treatment process

Small bubble beauty instrument deep cleansing treatment process

When the seasons change, many friends with sensitive skin start to worry. When the season changes, due to the large temperature changes in the morning and evening, the skin has no time to adapt, and many problems will arise. For example: dry peeling, tight skin, acne crisis, etc. At this time, you need a beauty instrument to help. can help users improve their skin condition and bid farewell to seasonal skin problems.

The small bubbles form a vacuum circuit through the vacuum negative pressure, combine the small bubbles with the nutrient solution, and directly act on the skin through the small spiral suction head. In a comfortable state, clean the skin, clean aging cutin, sebum, and clean the pores in the infundibulum. It removes various impurities, mites and oil residues, and at the same time fills the pore funnel with nutrients, providing long-term nutrition for the skin, making the skin moist, delicate and shiny.

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SmallBubble deep cleansing treatment process

1. Wash the cuticle and hair follicle funnel

 Using the combination of ultra-micro-bubble technology and nutrient solution, it can efficiently remove the accumulated stratum corneum and thoroughly clean the funnel of hair follicles. The parts have obvious effects on improving skin dullness, dark yellow, dryness, dry lines, desquamation, and roughness. At the same time, it can remove foreign matter accumulated in hair follicles such as whiteheads and blackheads, and has a significant effect on improving acne.

2. Import nutrients

After cleansing, the skin absorbs nutrients more easily, and the corresponding nutrient solution is introduced into the skin by using the nutrient iontophoresis pen dedicated to ultra-fine bubbles, so as to truly achieve the effects of nourishing, skin care, and beautifying the skin.

3. Tighten and enhance pretty skin

  Delicate electric wave skin lifting tools can quickly achieve the effect of face thinning, firming and lifting.

4. Promote collagen regeneration

  Ultrasonic therapy hands can dissolve fat, promote collagen regeneration, remove fine lines, and smooth the skin.

5. One-button automatic cleaning of the ultra-fine bubble instrument

After the facial treatment is over, click on the cleaning system for one-click cleaning.

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Product advantages of small bubble beauty equipment

1. ① Eddy current probe (two probes, big and small). ② Use micro-nano small bubble energy generating device.

2. The principle of molecular collision of high-frequency magnetic wave oscillation per second.

3. The instrument is equipped with an automatic cleaning system and an automatic shutdown function, which can be cleaned automatically with one button.

4. The pedal device is easy to operate.

5. Convenient drainage device: separation-cleaning.

6. The instrument structure is strong and durable.

7. Disassemble the connector with one key, and automatically upgrade through the USB program.

8, 7-inch true color touch screen humanized operation interface.

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