Why does the pelvis hurt after childbirth, and how does the pelvic muscle repair instrument work? -B

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Why does the pelvis hurt after childbirth, and how does the pelvic muscle repair instrument work? -Beijing Zhenhuimei beauty equipment manufacturer

Why does the pelvis hurt after childbirth, and how does the pelvic muscle repair instrument work? -Beijing Zhenhuimei beauty equipment manufacturer

All the fairies who have been pregnant should know that when pregnant, the body will secrete a hormone that can midwifery, called pubic relaxant. The role of this hormone is to act on the pelvic pubic symphysis, allowing the bone to loosen slowly, so that pregnant women can open the bone seam to welcome the baby during childbirth. This is why the fairies desperately need to supplement calcium during pregnancy.

Of course, some fairies may have doubts. My cub was cut out, and the bone seam must not have been opened. In fact, this kind of cognition is incorrect. The fetus has entered the pelvis in the third trimester. At this time, the joint pubic bone has already It is opened, and it is squeezed and extended to the two sides (below: the skeleton part like a basin).

Therefore, fairies must clarify the first important proposition, whether it is a natural delivery or a caesarean section, must be done after delivery, Otherwise, women's crotch will become wider and cause other diseases.

So, if you insist on not doing pelvic floor repair, what changes will happen to the bodies of fairies?

1. Pelvic floor muscles

The pelvic floor muscles are under a lot of pressure during pregnancy. The tight pelvic floor muscles have become very loose after being squeezed in October. At this time, if the pelvis supporting the pelvic floor muscles is not closed, it will cause The pelvic muscles are more relaxed. Then the uterus, ovaries, appendages, bladder and other organs in the pelvic cavity will inevitably sag after losing the support of the pelvic floor muscles, and the sphincter of the bladder will naturally be affected. Therefore, many fairies will face a very embarrassing situation. If you are in a situation where you are prone to leak urine, even if it gets better under self-healing conditions, you will still leak urine unconsciously when the action is intense. Therefore, fairies should remember the second An important proposition is that if the postpartum pelvis is not repaired, it is easy to leak urine, which will seriously affect one's own image, and the internal organs of the pelvic cavity will sag, which will cause unnecessary diseases.

2. Gynecological inflammation

Fairies, please don’t blush, I’m sorry, if you talk about your own business, of course you have to let it go. Scientific research shows that if the pelvis is not closed, it is easy to catch cold, causing the invasion of dampness and cold, which will cause repeated outbreaks of gynecological inflammation , such as the well-known pelvic effusion, which has become discolored when talking about it. So fairies should remember the third proposition that if the pelvis is not repaired after childbirth, it is easy to cause repeated attacks of gynecological inflammation, and it cannot be cured.

3. Decreased firmness

This is a major event related to sexual life. The slack of the pelvis causes the slack of the vagina, and neither party can return to the peak pleasure experience. The disharmony between the sexes will inevitably lead to tension in the relationship between husband and wife, and the repair of the pelvis can allow the woman to recover. "Chuxin" reshape firmness and cheer for married life. So the fourth proposition that the fairies should remember is to immediately increase the sensitivity, find out the original feeling of love, and tie the man to death from body to heart.

4. Body deformation

After giving birth, many fairies found that their bodies were out of shape. Leaving aside the obesity, the pelvis is in a special position and connects our body. If the pubic bone is not closed, many bad postures will occur, such as crossing the legs, twisting the waist, etc. It can easily lead to misalignment, and even some big fairies suffer from scoliosis and sprained feet all the year round, and the widening of the pelvis can easily cause symptoms such as buttocks collapse, lower abdomen protruding, and the uterus cannot be classified, so fairies must remember the first The five propositions are that must be done so as to maintain elegance at all times.

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