Beijing Zhenhuimei tells you how much a beauty instrument is_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co.

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Beijing Zhenhuimei tells you how much a beauty instrument is_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Zhenhuimei tells you how much a beauty instrument is_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Now you can see the existence of beauty salons in the streets and alleys. Good beauty equipment will bring considerable benefits to the beauty salon, and even win the reputation of the market, but I believe many people do not know how much a beauty equipment costs. Instrument manufacturer-Beijing to popularize it for everyone

How much is a beauty instrument? This is divided into high-end and low-end beauty instruments. The price can be said to range from 2,000 to 20,000. Throughout the ages, people's pursuit of beauty can be described as non-stop. This beauty instrument is created by a unique hydroxide ion generator, weakly alkaline ions that are easily absorbed by the human body, and the handle is cleaned with high-vibration water and oxygen to remove stubborn dirt from pores, clean and brighten the skin) together with ions to lift and lift the skin. Combined with the unique design of medical high-oxygen mask, combined with light therapy, music and oxygen inhalation, in a comfortable music environment, the skin can be repaired and the body and mind can be relaxed at the same time.

Its advantages and efficacy are also self-evident. This beauty instrument can not only exfoliate and deeply clean the skin, but also enhance the metabolic function of skin cells, reduce melanin precipitation, eliminate stains, reduce acne marks, and beautify the skin. If we want the facial skin to shrink pores, moisturize, whiten and rejuvenate the skin, this space hydrogen oxygen bubble device is perfect. It uses the mask to polymerize oxygen concentration to activate oxygen to the skin, restore the elasticity of the loose skin, and reduce wrinkles. , because oxygen inhalation helps to improve hair follicle nutrition and promote hair growth.

The advantages of this beauty instrument are even more unique. It is composed of polymer water and oxygen: import toner or saline in an atomized state, replenish skin moisture and also have anti-inflammatory effects, and can shovel and clean the skin: deeply clean the dirt and keratinized. This beauty instrument high-pressure oxygen injection: Supplement oxygen to the skin and improve people's dark yellow skin. In terms of ultrasound: this beauty instrument has a high vibration frequency of 1 million to 4 million times, and the product essence can be introduced as high as 90%, plus micro-electric positive and negative ion introduction: cooperate with the essence to activate cells and promote absorption, so as to calm and repair damaged skin. Eliminates redness and sensitization effects.

How much is a beauty device? In fact, it depends on the efficacy of the beauty device, which varies from device to device. After all, it is the era of beauty devices, and a variety of beauty devices are disturbing our sight.How much a beauty instrument costs has become an important concern for operators.

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